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Ideal for families, this ski-in/ski-out condominium hotel is just steps from historic Main Street at the base of Breckenridge Mountain. From the restaurants, taverns and shops to the indoor pool, hot tubs and steam room, guests enjoy all the comforts of home during visits to this pleasant mountain getaway.

Valet parking; 1st car $20 per night, 2nd car $25 per night


Breckenridge - Slopeside
Denver, CO, USA - Denver International (DEN)
Vail/Eagle, CO, USA - Eagle County Regional (EGE) : 60 miles

Property information

Year Built: 1978
Last Renovation: 2007
Accessible rooms: 10
Floors: 6
Total rooms: 277


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Hotel advisories

Advisory Breckenridge Ski Resort closes near the end of April each year due to the end of the ski season. Hotels in the surrounding area are open and fully operational during all seasons. Please note that dates are subject to change without notice.
Advisory Daily housekeeping is not included, but may be purchased from the housekeeping menu. A complimentary deluxe clean is included for every 4th day of stay.
Advisory Resort fee: A mandatory hotel-imposed fee of $35 (plus tax) per room, per day will be charged and collected by the hotel either at check-in or check-out. This fee is not included in your package price and is subject to change without notice. The information published here is to give the client an estimate of additional fees due at the hotel, but is not a guarantee of the final amount due.
Advisory Self parking fees at The Village Hotel & Village at Breckenridge: - Only for all On and Off Site options, $50.00 (plus tax) per night per reservation per car. - Beaver Run Lot Parking Rate is $40.00 per night. Please note parking fees are subject to change without prior notice. The information published here is to give the client an estimate of additional fees for parking, but is not a guarantee of the final amount due.
Advisory On-site garage parking price will be $55/night this winter season. The price increase will go into effect on November 18, 2022 through April 30, 2023. - Valet and shuttle services will not be offered. Parking is self park only. - Only 1 vehicle per reservation will be eligible for a spot. - On-site parking is not guaranteed. Off-site self park alternatives will be provided, but can also not be guaranteed.

General policies & fine print

Check In: 4:00 PM
Check Out: 10:00 AM
Minimum Check-In Age: 18
General Policies: Check-in Policy:  Hotel requires a credit/debit card authorization or cash deposit upon check-in for incidentals; this will place a hold on your funds.

Convention Policy:  Individuals attending a convention cannot book this property for their stay. If found attending a convention, guests may be subject to higher room rates upon arrival.

Hotel Spring Break Policy:  This hotel cannot guarantee a spring-break-free environment.

General Information:  Room taxes are included in vacation price. Minimum night stay restrictions may apply. Reservation changes may not be permitted unless authorized by the hotel.

Resort Fee: The following mandatory hotel-imposed fees are charged and collected by the hotel either at check-in or check-out.
Mandatory hotel-imposed resort fee inclusions:
- Business Services
- Wireless Internet
- Local and Toll Free Phone Calls
- Newspaper
- Water on the Rocks
- In Room Coffee
- Valet Services
- Bell Services
- Daily Housekeeping Services
- Lobby Coffee
- Parking
- In Town Shuttle
- Recyclable Grocery Bag
- Doggie Gift Bags
The above list may not be comprehensive. Mandatory hotel-imposed fees may not include tax and are subject to change. The hotel can provide current fee and inclusions when you check-in.

Parking: 1st car is complimentary and additional cars are $40 per night.

Note: Hotel must be made aware of late check-ins. Arrivals after midnight are subject to cancellation and subject to FULL STAY penalties.

Note :

*Non-U.S. Domestic Bookings - Taxes and fees are included in your vacation price. *


Pet Policy Pets Not Allowed

Ratings & reviews

TripAdvisor traveler rating

3.5 526 reviews
  • 1.0 star tripadvisor rating

    We stayed at the "Village at Breckenridge" this weekend. We got up this morning to get breakfeast. We put the do not disturb on the door knob. On our return we found a maid pacing in front of our door. I noticed the do not disturb sign was no longer on the door knob. We entered the room to find two girls in our room dressed in normal clothes (not a maid uniform like the girl in the hallway). They claimed to be maids and were immediately apologetic. They had no cleaning supplies or cleaning cart. They left quickly. I talked to another couple in hallway and they stated they were knocking on their door as well. We went to the front desk to report the incident. The manager all but blew me off!!! She said we can't do anything until they talk to the maid supervisor and then the GM! The only way into the room is with a key card. Very sad experience. We are fortunate that we walked in when we did. We notified the police. If you stay at this hotel DO NOT LEAVE ANY VALUABLES in room. We still haven't heard from hotel mgmt! They obv don't care! Be careful.

    Sep 25, 2022
  • 5.0 star tripadvisor rating
    Loved The Village

    Stayed in a beautiful 1 bedroom unit with a pull out couch for our 2nd couple. Nicely decorated And clean. We’ve stayed here before during skiing season. Love in and out ski to Quicksilver lift, and being downtown and walking distance to shops/restaurants. The Village recently redid their pool/hot tub/sauna/workout room areas. Gathering room by pool also redone. Great area to hang, free shuffle board, pool and video games. Front desk very accommodating. I’ll be back’

    Sep 01, 2022
  • 1.0 star tripadvisor rating
    DISAPPOINTING on every level this year

    Wow.... what a bummer of an experience. Where to begin with what went wrong!?!? This is the 4th year we have stayed at the Village. We have ALWAYS loved it and have been very happy there. This year was we were NOT happy. 1) Upon getting my confirmation email shortly before our stay, I called in to see if we could request a Premier Room (our reserved room type) with a bunk bed set up like we had had our first year there. The gentleman said I had to request it when we arrived on site to check in. No problem. That's what I planned to do then, per his suggestion. 2) Upon arriving, there was a HUGE line. I waited about 20+ minutes, behind 6 other groups to check in, with another 4 groups behind me. When it was my turn, I explained our desire to the front desk person, who promptly told me I needed to have called in beforehand and that my room was already assigned. Feeling the pressure of the people behind me, I continued to ask for what I was told to ask for upon check-in. She kept telling me the same thing until I asked for a manager. The manager NEVER came out of the back room, which I felt was tacky and unprofessional. The front desk person came back and had switched us to the bunk room. I kept verifying that this was a premier room still but with bunk beds. She said yes. The reason for the bunk beds is that last year our second bedrooms were REALLY SMALL with two full beds in them. There is no room for bags or to even walk around. 3) Upon getting to the Chateau building, we loaded our bags into the elevator while also getting 3 kids in. I held the elevator with the button, but also had my hand in front of it while my son got his last bag and got in with our other two children. While walking through the door, the door started to close, alarms went off and he barely got through without the door CLOSING ON HIM!!!!!!! IT DID NOT STOP and almost crushed him in the door. What kind of elevator doesn't stop when something or SOMEONE is in the doorway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4) We then got to our floor and were getting out and it did it AGAIN, this time on my daughter. I screamed and pulled her through the door before it crushed her. I am NOT exaggerating. 5) After getting them in the room, our bags in the room, and waiting for my husband, I went to the front desk, only to have the manager (the same one that never came out of her office before when there was a HUGE line) belittle me about the incidentS. Incidents PLURAL. She kept smirking and telling me that they run the rooms and the HOA runs the elevator. What kind of person says something so stupid! Oh I'm sorry your child almost got crushed in the elevator, but that's not our responsibility. We only rent the rooms on the 4th floor but we don't provide you with a way to get there. The HOA does, so we wash our hands of the elevator... that's not our responsibility. Did she not realize how stupid and inconsiderate that sounded? I was PISSED. No doubt if my kids lost a limb or got crushed, there is no sane person in the world that would think the Village or Vail properties or whoever the company is would not be responsible. 6) Our bunk room in the Chateau was NOT a Premier Room. Like I said, we've stayed at the Village for 4 years, and this was by far the dumpiest room we have been in. Cheap furniture, mismatched styles, ugly rooms, barely any bowls, hardly any coffee cups (that were not tea cups), no dish drainer, a half a sponge, barely enough toilet paper and paper towels, cheap flooring and a bunk bed that broke our second night there it was so cheap! 7) We got new keys no less than 7 TIMES!!!!! My 13 year old and 14 year old girls were stuck OUTSIDE in front of the building after 7pm, dressed in only their swimsuits trying to figure out how to get in until someone opened the lobby door. They had been to the pool, without their phones, and got stuck outside. They couldn't get back to the pool building and had someone not come along, they would have had to walk out on the street in their bathing suits to get a key from the front desk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Had we not been lucky enough to most of the time have someone at home to come downstairs 4 flights to let us in, we would have been locked out over and over and over and over again. I kept telling the front desk their credit card type keys would work once or twice and then stop. This is RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How does someone staying alone deal with this? Keep going back to the front desk to get a key each time they leave the room. Good grief!! I am not exaggerating! The keys were kept ALONE so no interference from anything else and they stopped working after one or two uses. Get it FIXED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or use a manual key. You can't lock people out of the building in lightning storms (which were daily) with no easy way to get a key to the room they have paid for!!!!!!!!! 8) Put TELEVISION INSTRUCTIONS in the rooms. Trying to figure out how to use a room's television should not take a PHD. A little instructions would go a long way. 9) I wish my kids had told me sooner, but I asked them to check under the beds while packing to leave. They said they didn't want to because it was so disgustingly dirty. I said it was probably because they don't clean under there. Their reply was that they didn't clean anywhere. One of them told me she put her socks on to test the floor after she had gotten on the bed and had someone else's hair on her feet. When she did, her socks were covered in hair, dust, dirt and who knows what else. Unfortunately they did not tell me til the night before we left, but they didn't even think their rooms were cleaned and that just the sheets were changed. DISGUSTING! 9) If you are going to have 4 beds (2 bunk bed sets) in a room, have a larger bathroom. The size of the bathroom in Room 1044 is RIDICULOUSLY small. So disappointed. 10) The checkout process is confusing... a 4 page bill to show the charges and then how they charge the company that booked the rooms for us back (shown as a credit on the invoice) is SO silly. The consumer does not need to see that. They only need to see what they paid... not how you charged the other company or your booking service or whatever. It took the MANAGER 15-20 minutes to figure it out so she could explain it to me. What a waste of my time. Wow..... I don't think I have ever had a worse experience staying somewhere than we had this year with this property. Super disappointed. I am sure I am missing some other issue we had, but these are the highlights and I am NOT exaggerating. The only good things about this property this year is the convenient location and the updated pools, hot tubs and fitness center. Those were amazing! Love the location. Staff, rooms and treatment of us... Terrible this year. So bummed.

    Aug 07, 2022
  • 1.0 star tripadvisor rating
    Choose a different hotel

    We travel frequently for business, but this is by far our worst experience in the last few years. As others in the reviews note, the rooms are older and clearly no one cares to maintain them. The front desk staff is, I agree with others, friendly, but they aren't able to be helpful because they immediately express an inability to make decisions or to help with the rooms themselves. We were charged a different price (of $100+ more) than the one we accepted in print from the hotel originally, and we're still trying to get that difference back. While we were waiting for a long checkout line to clear, a couple was sent away because they refused to accept a reservation made through Priceline. "We're sorry. You'll need to call Priceline." People were made to have their pictures taken while others waited to checkin. The check-in process as a whole took about 15 to 20 minutes per guest. Other guests were in rooms without only a window for ventilation and no air conditioning in extreme July heat. Our room had multiple balconies, so we had enough air flow to keep our room livable. This was great until the evenings when multiple sirens manage to invade your sleep. I could go on, but this hotel ruined a beautiful location. My guess is the owners see it as a cash cow and will milk it until it crumbles to the ground.

    Jul 25, 2022
  • 5.0 star tripadvisor rating
    Great summer vacation stay, close to hiking at Hoosier Pass, Continental Divide

    Stayed at Peak9Inn, one of seven properties that share an underground parking garage (better than parking outside near the quicksilver ski lift; you will need a parking key at the front desk and then to return after). 7 floors. Great view and walking distance to farmer’s market on Sunday, local shops and Oxygen bar (for those who didn’t bring Diamox and ascended too quickly to 9200 feet). Great place for honeymoon and strolling. Breckenridge has a couple of grocery stores but I suggest packing all the food you need to cook in your condo kitchen or stopping by a bigger city like Frisco to get fruit/eggs/steak etc. The kitchen is fully equipped but the larger room may have an electric grill. No AC but open the windows in the morning before the crowd downstairs use the hot tubs and pool outside. You can hear them through the window if you sleep early. The gym was adequate but the play lounge was awesome with billiards and Pac-Man tables for 3 or 4 (bring quarters). They have rudimentary store across from registration desk but $4 water bottles. The candy shop across the walk doesn’t open until 9am but doesn’t sell Starbucks.

    Jul 04, 2022