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Admire the views of New York City from the banks of the Hudson River at Sheraton Lincoln Harbor Hotel. Our Weehawken hotel creates a relaxing environment with easy access to Manhattan via a six minute ferry ride. Lincoln Harbor Light Rail Station, only a six-minute walk, makes traveling in New Jersey simple. Catch a concert from an iconic band or watch hard-hitting football action at nearby MetLife Stadium. Our hotel's versatile meeting spaces inspire collaborative corporate events. Taste the Texan and Midwestern influences of the cuisine at our hotel restaurant, Jack Austin's Eat and Drink, and sip drinks with colleagues. Work up a sweat in our 24/7 fitness center that accommodates your needs with cardiovascular equipment and free weights. Unwind in spacious rooms and suites equipped with convenient amenities like high-speed Wi-Fi, ergonomic chairs, large work desks and views of the NYC skyline from select rooms. Work and travel smart when you stay at Sheraton Lincoln Harbor Hotel, your gateway to NYC.

Property information

Year Built: 1991
Last Renovation: 2011
Floors: 10
Nonsmoking rooms: 358
Suites: 9
Total rooms: 349
Total rooms and suites: 358


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Hotel advisories

Advisory Prices are based on single or double occupancy. You may incur additional charges at the time of check-in for additional room occupants as well as the Resort Fees and taxes applied on the additional occupant’s charges.

General policies & fine print

Check In: 3:00 PM
Check Out: 12:00 PM
Pet Policy Pets Allowed: Pet fee of $150.00 per stay will apply for the required cleaning.

Ratings & reviews

TripAdvisor traveler rating

4.0 1621 reviews
  • 1.0 star tripadvisor rating
    Fell on ice outside the Hotel

    I was staying at the Sheraton, and Winter Storm Gail hit. i went out for food, came back and the uber dropped be out front. Come to find out the front was closed and i had to walk around to the back as the uber had already left. As i was walking around on their sidewalks i slipped fell on ice. twisted my knee which i tore the acl years earlier and was in pain also busted my chin and was bleeding. i walked in and complained about this. the front desk said i was the 4th person to complain about this that night. the 4th!!!!!! and nothing had been done. I complained about how this was unsafe and they said sorry, i shouldve been dropped off at the back of the hotel to avoid this. I was bleeding and in pain from my knee swelling and that the best they could do. To make it worst 1 of the 3 people before me to fall, was someone that was staying there with me and was vouched some drinks and snacks for this. i was not compensated anything. they did nothing. They did not care at all i was hurt. i will be calling HR about this because this is unprofessional and very poor hospitality from this hotel. They said they had signs saying it was closed. it was a half size of paper that said closed at 6pm surrounded by other papers and wasnt noticeable to anyone along with the other 6 guests i was with in this hotel. It was pathetic and horrible. i would not recommend this hotel based off professionalism and hospitality of this hotel. my knee is still swollen and chin cut from this incident they did not care bout.

    Dec 17, 2020
  • 4.0 star tripadvisor rating
    Solid stay during COVID 19 protocols

    Stayed two nights for business in early December. The stay overall was good during these crazy times. The location is good if you want access to mid town via the Water Taxi it is literally outside the hotel and you are in midtown in 10 min Rooms are large, beds comfortable, good workspace, plenty of hand sanitizer stations and a good staff

    Dec 13, 2020
  • 5.0 star tripadvisor rating
    Great staff and wonderful experience

    I stayed at this location 1 day prior to a huge exam that I was scheduled to take and I was met by an amazing experience. During this anxiety evoking time Otiana and Wilomena were amazing upon my arrival and throughout my stay. They were very professional and created a very welcoming environment. The room was comfortable and very clean with all items sanitized as promised in my booking. I will definitely be booking future stays at this location.

    Nov 24, 2020
  • 1.0 star tripadvisor rating
    Worse experience at a Sheraton due to Head Manager

    I had a terrible experience at a recent visit to this hotel. I went to go help a friend setup for a little slumber party she was throwing for her daughter at the hotel. My friend reserved the pool for 2 separate time slots back to back. Unfortunately the hotel only allows 4 children with an adult chaperone. As a result myself and one of the children were not able to get in. I ended up doing some work while my friend and the other children played. I decided that I would swap duties of watching the children so I went to the front desk to have them escort me to open the pool door with the key fob that only workers have. Upon entrance the lady that escorted us into the pool gave us the go ahead to remain with our party. At this point there was a total of 7 people In the pool area. I respect the strict rules due to covid but I was under the assumption that we were good because we were not told to leave. To be clear, the same lady that said we could only have 4 people In the area allowed us to remain with 7 in the area with no issue. At about 7:30 pm the manager, who is apparently the head person with no one above her, came to get us out of the pool as our time was up. This was the second time she had come to try to get us out which was annoying because we were keeping track of time and was in the process of leaving when she returned. As we were leaving she was talking under her breathe and speaking condescendingly to us when she saw our party size. I am a professional and so is my friend. I respect the people limitations In areas of the hotel but the hotel staff willingly let us in. I don't understand why we were spoken to with such attitude. I asked for the managers info of which she responded that she is the manager. I asked her who can I contact to make a complaint about her and she gave me no info. I politely asked her again for a contact and her name so I could make a complaint about the correct individual of which she refused me. During this whole ordeal I was talking calmly and not aggressive. She said she would call the cops on me if I don't leave. I told her i will gladly leave I just need a contact or at least her name to make the complaint. She went ahead and called the cops. I was not arrested however, The manager informed the cops that my friend let me into the pool area and did not admit that it was her staff. The worst part was that she said that she felt threatened which is a lie. I didn't even raise my voice. She called the cops and lied and said that she felt threaten. All of this because she didn't want a complaint filed against her. She literally tried to get me in trouble and mentioned that she felt unsafe. What about the danger she was putting me in by calling the cops on a Puerto Rican male? With the climate going on around NY/NJ with the cops this could have turned out worse. I will never step foot into this hotel again because instead of being treated fairly like a human being, I was accused of deliberately breaking hotel policy which in fact I was trying to follow but the hotel put me in a position where they were inconsistent in following their own policies. I should have never been put in that situation. I would recommend to not book at this hotel. Additionally, I would hope that The Sheraton organizations looks into the manager at this location because what was demonstrated to me was far from being hospitable. She was rude and was in no position to be dealing with customers. She in no way was trying to hear a guest out, just be dismissive. She needs more training in how to handle conflict with guest or else one day she is going to have someone arrested for advocating for themselves to be treated fairly.

    Nov 20, 2020
  • 3.0 star tripadvisor rating
    Hotel is OK

    Pros: Great location Spacious room Property is near the water Hotel is clean Cons: The service was not up to par. I work In the hospitality industry and I know what it’s like to be at the front desk. Long story short, The front desk staff did the bare minimum and didn’t communicate well with HSK. I extended my stay the night before and called to ensure I wouldn’t get woken up by HSK. Guy on the phone said he basically got it. Next day HSK knocks on my door so I once again had to explain myself and go down to the front desk. Annoying. Upon arrival, Mark was not welcoming and didn’t even greet us. Its honestly the little things that matter and because of the service we will not return to this hotel. There’s so many other Marriott hotels that I can go to instead.

    Nov 10, 2020