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Transform your travels into a effortless experience at the newly remodeled Sheraton Detroit Novi Hotel. Spend time shopping at nearby Twelve Oaks Mall, and attend an exposition or trade show at Suburban Collection Showplace. Our location just off of I-275 gives you easy access to the heart of Detroit. After a day spent in meetings or making memories, relax in our modern rooms and suites, where comfortable beds help ensure a restful night's sleep. Begin each day at our delicious breakfast buffet, and grab a coffee before you head out of our hotel for the day. Need to burn off some extra calories? Hit the fitness center for some cardio to get your heart pumping, and stop by the indoor heated pool to swim some laps. Our Novi, Michigan hotel features 17 event venues and over 20,000 square feet of event space, ideal for hosting any size gathering, from weddings and banquets to corporate meetings and training seminars. Seize the day and maximize every opportunity that comes your way at Sheraton Detroit Novi Hotel.

Property information

Year Built: 1985
Last Renovation: 2019
Floors: 7
Nonsmoking rooms: 238
Suites: 2
Total rooms: 236
Total rooms and suites: 238


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General policies & fine print

Check In: 3:00 PM
Check Out: 12:00 PM
Pet Policy Pets Allowed: USD 0 refundable security deposit Per Night; maximum of 1 pets allowed; maximum weight per pet is 50 pounds

Ratings & reviews

TripAdvisor traveler rating

4.0 428 reviews
  • 1.0 star tripadvisor rating
    So Disappointing

    I am a frequent business traveler to this area, and had stayed many times at this hotel during the last 4-5 years. I had not been since the renovation was finished in about a year, and I am not sure what has occurred, but the service used to be great at this hotel and now is sub-par. Typically I don't leave reviews good or bad, however, this needed to be addressed. I spent four days from February 25-28, 2020 at the hotel, and was very disappointed in how bad the overall experience has gotten. The check in process was fairly easy, however, the clerk paid no attention to my Marriott frequent traveler profile which shows I prefer to be far from the elevator and ice machine. I ended up in a room which was directly next to the ice machine and right around the corner from the elevator. I am a very light sleeper and this disrupts my being able to sleep because they are loud, thus the reason I have this in my traveler profile. The night I arrived, I met my colleagues in the dining room around 8:30 PM to have a quick meal. The waitress, Adriana, was her name I believe, seemed put out that I arrived after the rest of the party and essentially threw the menu to me on the table. We were the only people in the dining room eating at that time, and it was well before closing, so I don't understand her frustration. I ordered the crab cakes, and a particular craft beer from the menu. Adriana left and came back a short time later to tell me she "could not find the beer" that I wanted. I told her I would select something else, and I had to shout my choice at her back as she left again. I would have understood, but she did not check with the bar staff to see if they could assist and she barely let me make a second selection. I chalked this up to her having a bad day, but the following day I had dinner again in the dining room with my colleagues, and the situation was worse than the previous night. The same waitress greeted us again with an attitude as though we were interrupting her favorite TV program. We needed space for five people and there were only tables for four, so we asked if we could move a small two person table next to the four person table we sat down at. She acted very put out and basically left us to move the table ourselves. Once seated she tossed menus onto the table and left. None of these menus had the actual food service portion in them, it was only drinks, and it took us another 10 minutes to get her attention to bring us new menus. I will admit, the restaurant was very busy, likely due to the bad weather, but the manager of the establishment should have prepared in advance for larger crowds, and I could have understood the attitude more easily had the waitress alerted us that she was alone and busy that night and to excuse the long wait time, but she didn't do that at all. She finally came back to take our orders, all of us were ordering off of the happy hour menu. When I placed my order she acted as though she had never heard of any of the items. I literally had to show her the happy hour menu from the table twice. At this point, we had been at the table for roughly 30 minutes at this point and had no silverware nor water. We asked for some water, and she dropped a pitcher and some very dirty glasses on the table and left again. I had again ordered a drink, the beer flight of local craft beers, from the happy hour menu; 45 minutes later she comes back to the table to ask if I wanted the beer or wine flight??? I said beer, and she leaves again. Meanwhile, the two people working the bar were now helping others seated in the restaurant, and all but two tables received their drinks, food, bill and had left. Another 30 or so minutes go by and we finally see her coming out of the kitchen with a tray of food, hoping it is ours, and she dropped it all over the floor. So she leaves again, and 15 more minutes go by and we finally receive our food and drinks (most of us having reached the "hangry" point by this time). I got the Margherita Flatbread Pizza which came out cold, and appeared to have day old tomatoes on it. I could only eat one piece, and I left the rest. She also finally brought our drinks, nearly spilling the beer flight into my lap trying to get it on the table. We proceeded to eat our meal and try to get the bill before the time got any later. We told her we needed separate checks, which obviously annoyed her further, and she had to go revise the bills. This is a hotel with a lot of business travelers who get meals expensed during travel and she should be very familiar with this. She proceeded to get EVERY ONE of the bills wrong, even after we told her twice what we all ordered. I got charged the regular price, even though we were seated and ordered during happy hour, but we were all so angry with the service at this point, we didn't argue about the bills. Though the waitress was horrendous, I chalk this up to bad management overall. Also, I don't know what happened to the food quality. I used to look forward to eating at the hotel with the previous management/staff, but the quality has gone down the tubes. Moreover, Stacy and the early morning staff were wonderful, and very attentive, so it was definitely and issue with this particular person. I am not sure if this has anything to do with the recent merger of the Sheraton with Marriott, but it was not a good experience and I will be seriously re-thinking this hotel for a Hilton property for future travel.

    Mar 02, 2020
  • 3.0 star tripadvisor rating
    Good, but some room for improvement

    The Sheraton Detroit Novi Hotel is a good option in a good location. However, there are some areas in which it can and should improve. If it did, it would be the best hotel in the area. 1) Basic recognition at check-in. Front desk clerk lifted her head off the screen to thank me for my elite status. That was it. Very transactional and hardly genuine. 2) Nicely renovated, but some things still need updating. Elevator consoles are worn-down. Fitness center treadmills are beat up and in need of replacement. TV screens don't work well neither do touchscreen controls. Some of the hard plastic on the treadmills are cracked in places. 3) First impressions matter. Guest room doors are from pre-renovation and were not replaced. Many of the doors need fresh paint. Scuffs, stains and marks from wear-and-tear. Very bad first impression of the comfortable and nicely renovated guest rooms. 4) Some local TV channels were unavailable. So it wasn't a reception error. It was a system issue. Also, weirdly, despite being a newly renovated property, it has Marriott's old TV remote controls, which are horrible to use and don't feature the new smart TV system with YouTube, Netflix, etc. 5) Breakfast buffet is pretty bad. Very basic. Order off the menu. 6) Big design error in renovation. Kitchen should be where the bar is located and open. They could at least have an egg station for the buffet. 7) Restaurant for dinner was actually better than you might expect. Sadly, the hotel doesn't promote it at all, both to guests and locals. Which is too bad because almost all of the restaurants in the immediate area are chain restaurants. If they spent a little money creating a better atmosphere (like an open kitchen where the bar is located) and marketing it, they could get a lot of locals to come to the hotel over Outback, etc. 8) Room was clean and comfortable, except the bathroom. Lots of long black strands of hair on walls and even ceiling. How does hair get up there? 9) No slippers or bathrobe in rooms.

    Dec 30, 2019
  • 1.0 star tripadvisor rating
    NO NO NO!

    Horrible customer service- staff is apathetic and unpleasant. Housekeeping continuously walks through the halls blasting music and singing along loud enough to be disturbing and then rolls their eyes when you ask them nicely to lower the volume.Not to mention I had to be moved because the first room was dirty. I then discovered a stain of some sort that was fresh and a sign the bedding hadn’t been changed. Called manager and bedding was changed but that doesn’t fix the dirty tables in the cafe not properly cleaned or employees hanging out loudly in the VIP lounge. I don’t need to pay to be treated like crap. Find another hotel. This place is gross and worse than a $69/ night room.

    Dec 05, 2019
  • 2.0 star tripadvisor rating

    No way should customers be treated as rudely as we were! The language used was, "we don't use those websites as of this week!!" This is a franchise! Well, not my problem! We had a paid reservation, and Front Desk hospitality receptionist could not have cared less! So pretty much after that it was downhill as we waited an HOUR for any results! AND, per the GM, they would "let it go " this once!!!! Move on to somewhere else that is more customer forward!!!

    Dec 01, 2019
  • 4.0 star tripadvisor rating
    A nice hotel in an odd part of the world

    No one knows why the city is called Novi. Legend is it was the sixth stop on the railroad leading west out of Detroit, and sign at the station said "No. VI". Anyway, it's a sprawling suburb that's ribbed with freeways and not much character otherwise. In these parts, you go to Northville for character. And that's pretty limited. The hotel is really nice. Rooms are clean, spacious, and comfortable. Not over-furnished, but they have what you need -- soap, shampoo, towels. Housekeeping does a great job. Prices are fairly high to very high, depending on demand, but it's mostly a business and event place, and prices reflect that. Ask for AAA, senior, any other discount when reserving -- they will cheerfully help you with the cost. The lobby and bar / restaurant are pleasant, but no more. The front desk staff are nice and quite helpful. The bar / restaurant staff are likewise, despite there being only about four of them who seem to work all hours of all shifts. They look tired most of the time, but the service is still great. Restaurant has a very limited menu -- more pub than dining -- but the food's ok. Nearby restaurants are mostly midscale chains, so … They offer a menu of cooked food for breakfast, and a breakfast buffet. The cooked stuff is done well. The buffet, as in so many in hotels (and I don't know why this is -- it can be done well) was just north of lousy. Order from the menu if you have time. Location of the hotel gives you north and west industrial / business suburbs of Detroit, so it's handy. But the traffic can be miserable, given the intersections nearby. If you need to go south on I-275 during heavy times, the left turn to Eight Mile will take -- hours, maybe. Go farther south, to Seven Mile or Six Mile to get on the freeway. Did I say the pool is nice? It's nice. So stay here if you need to be nearby. Give yourself time to drive places.

    Nov 03, 2019