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Business and pleasure do mix at Hyatt Regency Long Island. Set in a stunning, resort-like setting with a championship golf course: Take advantage of our health club, indoor and outdoor pools and an adjacent par 71 golf course and driving range. Each hotel room provides an oversized desk and an award winning Aeron chair.

Property information

Year Built: 1986
Last Renovation: 2006
Accessible rooms: 12
All rooms non-smoking: 331
Connecting rooms or suites: 32
Double bedrooms: 170
Executive floor: 1
Floors: 10
Nonsmoking rooms: 331
Rooms with internet access: 358
Single-bedded accommodations: 190
Suites: 8
Total rooms: 358
Total rooms and suites: 358

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General policies & fine print

Check In: 3:00 PM
Check Out: 11:00 AM
General Policies: Children 18 and under stay free with adults.
Kids Stay Free Policy Maximum number of children per paid adult: 0
Pet Policy Pets Not Allowed

Ratings & reviews

TripAdvisor traveler rating

4.0 1304 reviews
  • 5.0 star tripadvisor rating
    Great location

    the environment was well worth the trip, easy access to all shopping, had a fab time. I must say during this Covid-19 experience, I still felt comfortable, the staff was extremely helpful, and I just loved the pantry. thank you for a wonderful experience.

    Sep 09, 2020
  • 2.0 star tripadvisor rating
    Very Poor Service

    This is a nice hotel but with very poor service. We know there's a pandemic and they are understaffed, but the hotel is also half full. So the limited number of staff should be able to at least maintain the quality of customer service that Hyatt is known for. Limited staff serving limited guests is a fair enough set-up for the guests to expect some quality service. To begin, check in day was August 15, 2020. The advance check-in process using the IPhone App was fast, efficient and seamless overall. We were notified that our room was ready around 10am, way earlier than standard check-in time. Nice! When we arrived at the parking lot, we were alone, the facade was impressive, the surrounding area was very peaceful and conducive for relaxation. When we entered the lobby, we were along again but it was beautiful. The bad things started when we were nearing the front desk. We were the only ones in the lobby at that time. It was between 11am to 12pm and I couldn't remember the name of the person manning the counter, but what I can vividly remember was the absence of even a single hint of welcome from his face and eyes. He was just staring blankly and expressionless at us while we were walking towards him. I decided to still cheerily greet him because I thought that he was just in a sort of "deep thinking moment". To my disappointment, there was no answer for my cheerful greeting. Now his expressionless face is showing some hint of annoyance and before I could even say something, his very first words were "WE DON'T HAVE ROOMS AVAILABLE NOW", saying these words without looking at us and in a very annoyed tone that seems he would want us to go away ASAP. So I explained calmly that I just got confirmation from the app stating that our room is ready. Then he made some assumptions that I did the booking elsewhere, still with that annoyed expression. So I explained further that I booked directly with Hyatt. He did not say anything further and then gave us our keys. I asked him about the restaurants and to our disappointment (though we already expected it) everything were closed for dine in. I asked for food options specifically for breakfast and he said we can order from one of the restaurants for to go. Also, there's a poorly stocked convenience store just next to the front desk. Being one of the very few options in the hotel, it would have been better if they made an effort to fully stock that store. Now to our room. The hallways were clean. The room door did not have the sticker that Hyatt has been advertising to signify that no one touched the room from the time it was sanitized (While typing this, I just realized, did he give us an unsanitzed room???) . The room looks nice with modern and minimalist design. The window was too small. It was such a waste because the view was wonderful, a golf course! But overall, the room was good, EXCEPT for the amenities. I booked for 4 people and we were only given 1 small soap, 1 tiny shampoo, 1 little conditioner and no bottled water. To make things worse, we only had 2 sets of towels. I tried calling the front desk twice with no answer. So when we came down, we asked the same unfriendly and still annoyed??? person to please send us additional amenities. We enumerated everything that we needed and luckily at least this time, he responded affirmatively saying that he would send over what we requested. Back to our room. No additional amenities came. So his positive response earlier was a scam! lol. Now I called the front desk and spoke to a different person this time, Michael. He was not friendly but his voice was neutral. So I told him about the missing amenities and that I already requested for it earlier. Then he answered me PLAINLY that there were no available towels at that time. So I tried to explain that I already requested for it earlier but he answered "I am not aware about the arrangement you made with the previous person, but now all I can tell you is there are no available towels". This is where a lost my cool in the hotel for the first time. I raised my voice and repeated our situation then I asked him "Are you suggesting that your guests share towels during their stay in this hotel???". Then he responded "of course not, I will call housekeeping right now and they will deliver to you what you need". So he told me earlier that there are no towels available and now towels are available all of a sudden? Anyway, everything that we requested arrived in the next 15 minutes. So for Michael, in spite of the initial misunderstanding about the availability of towels, at least he delivered on our request. We were really disappointed that our experience in the hotel was not as good as the others who gave very good reviews. We fully understand that it’s the pandemic but the fact that they opened during this time should mean that they’re ready to at least deliver basic customer service. However, that person who manned the front desk when we checked in did not have any single cell of customer service running through his veins. To make things worse for us, we live in NY and this was our very first family outing since the lockdowns started. Sadly, this experience made us decide to skip Hyatt hotels in our next trips during the pandemic. The experience gave us the impression that Hyatt is not capable of providing at least some respectable and basic customer service during this time. I would have given this stay a Terrible Rating on Tripadvisor but decided to bump it up to Poor to give room to the limitations that they are facing brought about by the pandemic. All material limitations would have been acceptable during this time but terrible attitude towards guests is something that every paying guest should not experience in a hotel with or without pandemic.

    Aug 23, 2020
  • 5.0 star tripadvisor rating
    Last minute booking

    These guys were great !! I was to arrive before 10AM & you know how hotels have a 3pm check in, well the Hyatt allowed me to check in at 9AM !!! Front desk guys were very nice, rate was unbelievably low. Room was perfect, I needed ice & some extra face clothes & in 10 min, i had them. Will definitely be back.

    Aug 03, 2020
  • 5.0 star tripadvisor rating
    Great stay

    The hotel was very clean and the rooms are large. The staff is extremely attentive and go out of their way to make you feel welcomed. I definitely recommend this hotel and will absolutely return when in the area again. Thank you for your hospitality!

    Jun 03, 2020
  • 1.0 star tripadvisor rating
    Awful Response to the COVID Situation

    I recently have been having the worst experience with The Hyatt Regency Long Island. I am scheduled to get married in September and called last week to ask my options regarding the room block with what’s going on. I had been emailing the person I originally was dealing with and got no response. Their entire team except Nick was furloughed and didn’t notify any of their brides or respond to any of the emails. Nick was beyond rude and completely lied about how they are handling the covid situation being set by their corporate office when it’s actually up to the individual franchisees. They are still holding me completely accountable for the room-block that I agreed to before all this started going on. I tried explaining to him that I can’t expect people to book rooms right now for a wedding when the hall is currently closed, we don’t know if it’s happening, I may have a limited guest count, I can’t send our invitations yet and and need to meet my minimum in 3 months, people are reluctant to travel, or may choose to cancel because my dad has MS and I can’t imagine putting him in a room with that many people or getting married without loved ones with health conditions present. I tried seeing if they would work with us and asked about different scenarios. At one point Nick completely cut me off and told me he had to go because he had 60 other brides to deal with. When I called Hyatt Consumer Affairs directly to get some answers he sent me a nasty email within minutes and consumer affairs did nothing to help. I understand that I agreed to a contract but their cancellation rate and not meeting my minimum rate is based on reasonable loss, given this situation I feel like that shouldn’t apply and they should be more accommodating. If I am being treated so poorly during such hard times, I can’t imagine how they will treat my guests. He also kept pushing me to “formally cancel so he could start the process” because upon doing that they can charge my credit card for 75% of the room block right now (about $2,000). The entire situation is really awful and how they are acting is disgusting and taking advantage of a terrible situation.

    May 07, 2020