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Guests who stay at the Holiday Inn Tulsa City Center get the full Tulsa, OK experience. Our hotel's downtown Tulsa location places you minutes from exciting big-name music and sporting events at BOK Center and Tulsa Performing Arts Center, but also next door to quaint, historic neighborhoods and Utica Square Shopping Center. Though the hotel is within walking distance of ONEOK, The Williams Companies, Helmerich and Payne, IBM, JP Morgan Chase and other Tulsa, OK companies, Holiday Inn Tulsa City Centers complimentary downtown area hotel shuttle ensures you'll always have a ride. Oklahoma State University Medical Center, St. John and Hillcrest Hospitals are nearby the hotel as well. The hotel is also conveniently located within a few miles of University of Tulsa, Brady Theater, and Cains Ballroom. The location of Holiday Inn Tulsa City Center allows you to easily spend a day on a walking tour of Art Deco architecture, viewing Native American art at Gilcrease Museum or Western art at the Philbrook Museum. Warm nights are perfect for outdoor dining on Boulder Grills patio, located within hotel. Let Holiday Inn Tulsa City Center be a fun getaway at our stunning downtown, full service hotel with great perks like our 24 hour airport shuttle. Enjoy our Fitness Center or swim under the stars in our sparkling, indoor pool with retractable roof and eco-friendly salt purification system. Come relax and enjoy a memorable stay at the Holiday Inn Tulsa City Center.

Property information

Year Built: 1965
Accessible rooms: 10
Double bedrooms: 91
Floors: 14
Nonsmoking rooms: 220
Single-bedded accommodations: 129
Suites: 13
Total rooms: 220


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General policies & fine print

Check In: 3:00 PM
Check Out: 12:00 PM
Kids Stay Free Policy Maximum number of children per paid adult: 0Maximum child age: 19
Pet Policy Pets up to 35 pounds require a 50.00 per stay non refundable pet fee. This fee is assessed for each pet in the room. Room types may be limited. If evidence is found of an undeclared pet in a guest room, a 250.00 fee will be assessed.

Ratings & reviews

TripAdvisor traveler rating

4.0 367 reviews
  • 3.0 star tripadvisor rating
    Decent Location - Nothing Else Seemed Overly Special

    My wife and I were in the Tulsa area twice this fall so far. On one trip, we stayed here for a night. During this time of COVID anyway, we had to go elsewhere for food. There's nothing special about the room. The cleaning staff were friendly.

    Nov 30, 2020
  • 1.0 star tripadvisor rating
    I will never choose an IHG hotel again.

    I’m so angry at this hotel’s terrible customer service, that I won’t be booking with Holiday Inn or any IHG Hotels in the future. The story is below, and the ending is the part that made me angry enough to write this hateful review. Three months ago, in July 2020, I called Holiday Inn Tulsa City Center (spoke with Kyle), and after discussing the options for their rooms, I booked the Executive Suite for my husband’s 30th birthday for October 16th, 2020. Kyle was wonderful to speak with and told me all about how awesome the room was, which was precisely the point. Something special for a milestone birthday. Fast forward 2 months, I get an email informing me that the room is no longer available because they’ve shut down that entire floor (due to COVID). I panic and call the hotel to ask if the email was sent by mistake or if I need to find somewhere else. I wish I got her name, but I spoke with a woman at the front desk and she pulled up our reservation (she even made me get my husband because it was under his name and she wouldn’t disclose anything to me due to privacy), and she said that the reservation didn’t have any issues and confirmed that it was indeed the Executive Suite for October 16th 2020, and I had nothing to worry about. Phew, right? Fast forward to today. October 14th, 2020. I call the hotel to inquire about the breakfast options that they have available, and I get ahold of the woman (different than the one in September - different voice), who happens to be the manager, and she tells me that the room is no longer available due to the floor being shut down. I tell her that I called after I’d received an email saying that and how I was told there was nothing to worry about. She said she has no idea why I was told that, and she doesn’t actually know how Kyle was even able to make the reservation in July, because it’s been shut down since April (I think she said April. She might’ve said March. I cant remember.) I asked her what my options were and she said that she could offer me a standard room at full price, and refund me the difference, or refund me the whole thing. Nothing else. Nothing discounted, nothing comped, no future room credits, no vouchers, nothing complimentary, nothing. Standard room at full cost. (She later offered a discount to their restaurant - wow how generous.) She also said if I was a rewards member with them, that she could put a little bit of credits on my account. I’m not currently a rewards member, and what part of this experience would make me want to be one?? I chose Holiday Inn over every other downtown Tulsa hotel and I booked one of their nicest, most expensive rooms, planning to poor money into their restaurant, their room service, alcohol, etc. and the best you can offer me after all of HOLIDAY INN’S mistakes is a standard room at full cost? I’m not upset that the floor is shut down. I understand COVID has thrown everyone a curveball. I’m upset that: 1. It was shutdown since March/April, yet I was allowed to make the reservation in July. (Hotel’s fault) 2. I called to confirm my reservation after receiving the email and again told it’s good to go. (Hotel’s fault) 3. Then I’m finally told the truth TWO DAYS before my reservation. And they’re willing to do nothing (of substance) to compensate for their repetitive screw ups. She left me with nothing for my husband’s birthday and with 3 of his friends coming in town from Dallas who were also planning to stay in the hotel with him (and also poor money into the hotel’s amenities). I’m so angry at their complete and total disregard for customer service. More than just that, human decency! Your hotel screwed up repeatedly, and you do nothing to try to right your wrongs. I have 2 days to try to find a suite for my husband, and you can be sure I won’t be choosing an IHG owned company. I submitted a formal complaint to IHG tonight (October 14th 2020) over the phone, who said they’ll send it to corporate and also contact this hotel’s manager (a lot of good that’ll do, right?). I’ll update this review if I hear back from a corporate representative. If Holiday Inn’s manager is any indication, I’m not holding my breath.

    Oct 14, 2020
  • 1.0 star tripadvisor rating

    The elevators smelled like vomit & urine, as did the parking garage. The sheets on the bed had hair on them when I turned the covers back. The a/c in the room blew warm air & it smelled terrible, too. One of the lamps did not work & neither did the phone. They moved me to a different room which was clean, but the coffee pot did not work, there was not a hairdryer, & the ice bucket smelled like vomit. The a/c smelled in this room too & it made clunking noises all night. Be prepared to pay $10 to park in their nasty, scary parking garage & please take notice that the doors are propped open! This hotel needs serious updating & a deep, deep cleaning. I would never recommend it & I certainly would never stay there again!!

    Sep 12, 2020
  • 4.0 star tripadvisor rating
    Under Pressure

    I believe that the staff was under more than usual pressure this weekend. People came to town either in support of the president or against the president. The staff made sure to treat everyone with a great deal of respect and kindness. I give them a lot of credit. They were working a weekend where there was a suicide less than a block away. Someone at the hotel had to be taken away for heat exhaustion and then they had to lock down because of of someone outside carrying a gun. It was a rough weekend! All staff practiced safety in regards to Covid even though some of their customers did not. I wish they would have told customers to put on masks. It was rather alarming. One disappointment was that the parking garage was not open. I parked on the road, realizing that trouble in the streets was always a possibility. Another disappointment was that a designated smoking area is right out the front door. I had to walk through that every time I left or came back. It sure doesn't look good either. I will say that the room was very nice. I was pleased. And, the location was perfect for attending the events I went to.

    Jun 21, 2020
  • 5.0 star tripadvisor rating
    Great Stay!

    I had better service than ever before. I received free drink vouchers when I checked in. While we were enjoying them the supervisor texted to be sure our room was ok. We also ate at the restaurant. The food was hot and fresh. Hotter than I serve at home. After dinner I wanted a diet Pepsi. The hotel only had Coke products. Ron, an employee offered to go to the store and get me some! I have probably stayed in 100 Motels and Hotels over the years. NEVER have they given such service. I gave him money and he came back shortly with the 2 bottles I asked for. (I paid $1 each for this, but paid $4.12 for a smaller bottle at the airport) We ate breakfast at the restaurant every day because of convenience. One day off the menu, the other days the buffet. Food was quick and good. The room was comfortable and clean. Parking was under the hotel so very convenient. Cost $10 per night, a reasonable fee. (Area parking is a problem in city center but not here.)

    Mar 15, 2020