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Experience the perfect blend of casual relaxation and business convenience, with the most unique hotel location in downtown Corpus Christi. Just minutes from downtown businesses, you can enjoy fresh sea air and sand between your toes as you walk the beach behind our hotel. Our spacious bayfront rooms, with fantastic views of the bay and marina, featuring free high-speed Internet connection will allow you to relax and conduct business. Enjoy a hearty breakfast in our dining room or room service on your balcony, or maybe a cocktail at our beach side bar. Just a ten minute drive or open air trolley ride gets you to area attractions, such as Texas State Aquarium or the USS Lexington Museum. After work we will provide transportation to downtown restaurants and entertainment. When its time to leave we will take you to the airport as well. Dont forget we have over 10,000 square feet of meeting and banquet facilities available for any of your business or entertainment needs. Our Sales & Catering Staff is available to help you plan anything from an intimate destination beach wedding, to a corporate meeting. Try Holiday Inn Emerald Beach once and we are sure you will return every time you visit Corpus Christi.

Property information

Year Built: 1969
Last Renovation: 2011
Accessible rooms: 12
Double bedrooms: 264
Floors: 7
Nonsmoking rooms: 306
Single-bedded accommodations: 102
Smoking rooms: 62
Suites: 1
Total rooms: 368


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General policies & fine print

Check In: 4:00 PM
Check Out: 12:00 PM
Kids Stay Free Policy Maximum number of children per paid adult: 0Maximum child age: 19
Pet Policy Pets allowed with a one time, per reservation, non-refundable $30.00 plus tax pet fee.

Ratings & reviews

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3.0 828 reviews
  • 1.0 star tripadvisor rating

    The hotel is full of mold. From the lobby to the hotel room. There is no hot water, then the cold water shower runs totally out. The floor is full of sand and dirty. Then there is a big crack in the wall going to patio. I have never seen a hotel in finish deplorable condition. The hotel charges 20$ if you arrive at 3pm instead of 4pm. You are also charged for parking but advertise for free parking. We left after the cold water shower ran out.

    Jun 08, 2024
  • 1.0 star tripadvisor rating
    Unsafe Conditions - Do Not Patronize

    Good evening, I, Dr. Courtney Harvey checked into the Emerald Beach Hotel in Corpus Christi, Texas this evening. Upon checking into the hotel, I noticed that the lobby was unkept with regard to water and dirt tracked through the lobby by people who had been in the pool area. I also observed one patron requesting a refund due to purchasing a dedicated parking space for which there were no parking slots. She was told she would be refunded the cost. Another patron requested a refund for the entire hotel stay because the air condition in his room did not work and there was no parking. I asked the hotel representative what we were supposed to do if there was no parking available, to which he replied there was parking across the street in a church parking lot. This is unacceptable given the hotel room for a 2-night stay costs 350.00 which was immediately taken from my checking account without the opportunity to be refunded in a timeframe that would allow my family to find another hotel to stay at for our desired price point. We got our room keys and proceeded to the elevator. Another patron advised that we needed to check our hot water because she had none and staff was not being helpful. In addition, only 1 of 2 elevators was operational, and guests were waiting up to 10 minutes to get to their rooms and/or crowding onto the elevator. When me and my husband arrived at our room, the hotel door was wide open and moths were flying around. We went back downstairs and reported the situation to the representative and voiced our concerns regarding the unsafe environmental conditions of the hotel: a. having to park across the street, b. wet floors in the lobby, c. only 1 of 2 elevators working which resulted in overcrowding on the elevator, d. an open door to a hotel room someone just checked into, e. air conditioning not working in certain rooms with Texas temperatures at over 100 degrees, and f. some rooms being without hot water, which isn't a safety issue but is certainly a discomfort at almost $400.00 for a 2-night stay. When we got assigned a second room, the conditions for $350 were subpar. For example, the television did not work for more than 5 minutes. There was no signal. I later recalled that when I stayed here years ago that I was advised by hotel representatives that tv signals were subpar depending on the position of your hotel room. To top it all off, I was charged a $100 hold for incidentals. All together, this was a $450 hotel stay for these subpar, and unsafe conditions. This is unacceptable.

    Jun 07, 2024
  • 1.0 star tripadvisor rating
    never stay here again

    I guess I should have read the reviews before I stayed here again. It's been years but I can tell you now that I will never be Back. I probably saved the establishment a lawsuit because I brought to their attention that the key card to open their rooms had a deal from from Papa Johns Pizza(which does exist - and delivered) but the hotel key card I scanned charged my credit card $39.99. And there were MORE cards when I went to the front desk. And for convenience we used the stairwell to go the the Beach Friday but it was locked(against fire codes) Saturday, Sunday and Monday when we tried. Then you add there was no breakfast, per se Saturday or Sunday and evenings you had to order thru the bar. TV is another issue (even in the lobby). And I tried to negotiate a fair $100 a night deal but as per the other reviews....the management, Alyssa M was not able to do anything for me on check out. Kevin Oliphant Did I mention the big Warning Aviso sign on the beach for bacteria

    Oct 17, 2023
  • 1.0 star tripadvisor rating
    Emerald Beach Hotel- A horrible experience to be avoided

    We reserved a room for two nights 8/23/2023-08/24/2023 at Emerald Beach Hotel where they charged $255/night. When we first occupied the room we found the door was jammed and would close only when slammed shut, TV not working, phone not working, and hot water not working. Also, the tub had sand and hair that washed out under the shower mat, mold and mildew around the entire base of the tub, and there was sand throughout the room on the floor. After calling the front office through the external number on our personal phone since the room phone was inoperative, the maintenance man was able to spend 30 minutes to reset the TV and after another hour he explained he could only get hot water to the room when he ran the hot water in 3 other rooms so the hot water could get to us. The next morning, there of course was no hot water for a shower so we checked out to go to another hotel where we could shower. The Manager said we would not be forced to stay there another night, but refused to provide any discount for the night we spent at his poorly managed hotel. This hotel advertises and charges rates that are consistent with the nicer hotels in Corpus Christi, but it provided us a dirty, non-functioning room where we could not even take a shower. By charging us a full rate for a night where we did not get a room with even basic services, I believe they are a hotel that should be avoided at all cost.

    Oct 04, 2023
  • 1.0 star tripadvisor rating
    Horrible hotel! Don't waste your money!!

    This was not a good hotel . Very bad experience. The Tv was not working in the room.. They tried to fix it and said channels 1 through 10. Don't work but the rest should. The phone's weren't working. They said they can't fix that.. And the elevators kept breaking twice, we had to use the stairs and I was on the third floor with my kids with heavy bags, it was heavy and hot.. I mean the elevators kept breaking I don't know why? And they make everybody check in at 4 PM. But there are only 2 people in the front office taking a long time . So we are waiting in forever line where we finally got into a hotel room at almost 5pm.. going up stairs..ugh But of course, they expect us out exactly at 11.am next day! 🙄 I came to this hotel 7 years ago when my husband proposed to me. And it was so much better.. I don't know if it's. Under new management but it's not good.. I felt bad wasting my money on this hotel when I could have had a better experience elsewhere with my children.. they were not happy either . When you're on vacation with your family you're supposed to have fun not be struggling and upset.. about everything wrong at hotel! Also another thing that I thought was ridiculous. I mean, we paid for the hotel. Which included the swimming pool.. They only gave us four wrist bands for my family of five.. And told me I would have to pay for another wrist band or me or my husband can sit out.. Why do I have to pay for another wrist band for a hotel that I paid for that includes the swimming pool.??

    Aug 03, 2023