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Disney's All Star Sports Resort is a Disney Value Resort hotel featuring giant icons that celebrate the fun and excitement of sports including baseball, basketball, football, surfing and tennis.


Animal Kingdom® Resort Area
Daytona Beach, FL, USA - Daytona Beach Internation
Orlando, FL, USA - Orlando International Airport ( : 30 miles
SFD : 60 miles
Tampa, FL, USA - Tampa International (TPA)

Property information

Year Built: 1994
Last Renovation: 2008
Accessible rooms: 32
All rooms non-smoking: 1920
Floors: 3
Total rooms: 1920


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Hotel advisories

Advisory The resorts are designated smoke free environments. Designated outdoor smoking locations are available.
Advisory Guests dining at Walt Disney World's eateries and are in a group of 6 or more are required to pay a compulsory 18% gratuity charge. Gratuity percentage may change at anytime without prior notification.
Advisory This Disney hotel charges a per room, per day, per vehicle parking fee which will be charged and collected by the hotel at check-in or check-out. The fee is subject to change without prior notice. The information published here is to give the client an estimate of additional parking fees they may be responsible for but not a guarantee of the final amount due. For exact parking rates please contact hotel directly.

General policies & fine print

Check In: 3:00 PM
Check Out: 11:00 AM
Minimum Check-In Age: 18
General Policies:

Smoking Policy - All Disney owned and operated resort hotels are smoke-free environments. Smoking is permitted in designated outdoor smoking locations only.

Guest Names Policy - Walt Disney World reservations must be booked with the correct guest names. A complete name change to the lead name is considered a cancellation and will require a new reservation.

Deposit Requirements - A major credit card and photo I.D. is required upon check-in to cover phone or incidental charges.

Convention Policy - Guests attending a convention at the hotel may not use this package for their stay. If found attending a convention, guests may be charged directly by the hotel.

Room Taxes - Room taxes are included in the vacation price.

As to Disney artwork, logos and properties: ©Disney

Kids Stay Free Policy Maximum number of children per paid adult: 3Maximum child age: 17
Pet Policy Pets Not Allowed

Ratings & reviews

TripAdvisor traveler rating

4.0 5555 reviews
  • 1.0 star tripadvisor rating
    Please read before you book this hotel

    Please read this review before you even consider booking this hotel if you value your health and don’t want to risk being seriously ill and also incur medical bills of over 10,000 dollars. Before our trip here I had read the mixed reviews and was well aware that this was Disneys budget hotel but was willing to give the hotel a go as other guests have said that it is just a room to sleep in as time will be mainly spent at the parks that being said basic hygiene and safe food is expected regardless of the rating of the hotel. So we arrived on 26th July for a two week stay just to add I am still currently at the hotel but felt the need to write this review due to my extreme concerns over standards of this hotel. The hotel appeared as others have said very basic and dated and that was apparent as soon as entering the reception area, we then went to a room the rooms were small and appeared very outdated the carpets have been here longer then I’ve been alive (im 33) it’s in serious need of changing and the bathroom is like being stuck in a time warp. That being said the bed linen appeared fresh and white as you would expect and the bathroom facilities appeared basic clean I would not go above been at a basic standard of clean. As others have stated they do not currently run a full cleaning schedule meaning that they advised we would receive fresh towels every other day and the rubbish emptied they did state at check in due to being here for two weeks that we would receive one full room clean. On our second week the weather was not so great so we had a night in the hotel and ate at the food court and that is where the holiday took a serious down ward spiral. We ate from the food court and went back to our room 3 hours later my daughter woke up feeling sick she then was violently sick the worst I have ever seen in my life so much so that my mum went to the front reception desk to see if we could get some medical assistance the paramedics were called and did swiftly come out to us they come to our room and checked my daughter and advised not to go to the ER at that point shortly after I was then sick followed by my mum, we were all the sickest we have ever been in our lives now growing quite concerned we called for help from the front desk we said we know we have had food poisoning as we have all been extremely ill and none of us was well enough to go get water and we needed the room cleaned which in fairness was seen to staff brought over water and biscuits and house keeping were sent in to clean our room. We was also advised to speak to the on site doctor which we did over the phone he went through a series of medical questions of how we felt now etc. we then spent the whole of the next day continuously sick in our room. The following few days were spent in the hotel trying to recover I then asked the front desk to provide me with the information from the paramedics call out for my daughter as I would need this to raise a complaint with my travel company they was then extremely unhelpful and I was advised that they apparently cannot provide this I asked why as this was a report on my child and I have a right to that information apparently it’s Disney policy and I was given a number to call for Disney claims. I called this number and was told I was need to fill out 15 pages per person so 45 pages ( back and front I would like to add ) I found this extreme obstructive I get the impression Disney want to make it really long winded so I give up and say nothing. Following on from this after a few days rest we decided to venture out for the evening my mum then fainted in the park due to dehydration and just want to go back to the fact caused by the food poisoning from this hotel she was then taken to hospital where she was given medical assistance and we was present with a bill of 10,500 dollars. Lovely. After returning to the hotel at 2am I could not speak to the front desk so the next morning I went to the front desk to speak with managers to advise what had since happened and again asked for the report on my daughter again I was refused this is when I had the pleasure of meet Brandon and let me tell you he is Disneys nightmare he makes the witch from Snow White look tame, miserable rude and uncaring and unable to say anything other then “I don’t no” I asked for the day of our checkout which thank the lord is tomorrow for us to leave our room just before our coach comes as my mum is recovering after having stitches in her head from passing out and also we have a long journey I believe this is the least they could do and the response was “I don’t no” I asked can I speak to the manager and was told there not here so I asked when will they be here now you can probably guess what the answer was. I asked what he did actually no and it seems not a lot although I would be pretty sure he knows where McDonald’s is. Brandon should absolutely not be working anywhere that is customer focused least of all a Disney Hotel he is rude has no customer service and doesn’t know anything now I would be right in saying if you don’t no the answer the correct thing to do would be apologise to the customer and say they will check with their senior who does know the answer. As I was getting no where with this hotel as when there is an issue they seem to turn in to robots who can not longer assist you I had to call a rep from my travel company to come and help me. Now on this particular morning that they come and we was in the front desk discussing what had happened the ambulance arrived and took another guest out of the hotel on a stretcher I said this just can’t be a co incidence granted I do no know what was wrong with the other guests but it had nothing to fo with generally being unwell regarding the heat or walking around the park as this was before 9am I pointed out to my travel rep that this don’t look good does it. Thankfully I am leaving tomorrow where I will sort this mess out when I return home but I can honestly say you could give me two weeks here for free and I wouldn’t take it this hotel needs closing down I strongly strongly advise before anyone books please save the extra money and book another hotel this hotel has made myself my mum and my child the sickest we have ever been and my concern is if that was a young baby or someone with already poor health who had got that sick they could end up dead. We are leaving with a 10,500 dollar medical bill and have missed out on half our holiday due to being seriously unwell and the staff couldn’t care less. Even if one person reads this and makes a different decision to stay here then it was worth writing this as the is ment to be the most magical place on earth was like entering hell. Please do consider this before you ever come here

    Aug 08, 2022
  • 3.0 star tripadvisor rating
    Basic But Bearable

    I am somewhat of a hotel snob and usually stay at Hilton properties. This trip, however, we wanted to try a Disney property, and it cost a bit less than the Hilton we usually stay at when visiting WDW. The lobby is basic and the buildings are painted very bright colors. Upon entering the room, it appeared that I had stepped back to the 80's. The room was very small and there was a rather tacky looking curtain separating the sleeping area from the sink and "closet" area. The bathroom needs a total remodel as it was extremely tiny and looked very used (although clean). For a while, I was disappointed that I had chosen this property, however, my view changed the longer I stayed. The main pool is very nice. It was large and had very attentive lifeguards. The food court had many options and the food was actually quite good. The staff was friendly and helpful. The bed ended up being very comfortable and it was overall a quiet property. In the end, I'm glad I stayed and would consider another stay in the future.

    Jul 19, 2022
  • 4.0 star tripadvisor rating
    Really great stay

    Wasn’t sure what to expect after reading online reviews - overall really nicely surprised. All staff I interacted with were very friendly and helpful, from check in, the bar (loved Mike), gift shop and restaurant. Good food and dessert choices. My room faced the car park which I was initially disappointed with but actually turned out to be a blessing as it was the quietest and most relaxing room I’ve ever had at Disney! Really did love the location. Rooms do need a refurb it must be said, but are very comfortable. Bathroom not particularly spacious so I did end up with an injury from the door. Perfectly spotless room. Grounds also spotless with a fun atmosphere. Buses were always regular to all locations and back with exception to one day which had a 40 min wait back from HS. A large crowd built and people were not happy at all. I am staying in movies next and will be interested to compare. Would defo stay at sports again

    Jul 11, 2022
  • 2.0 star tripadvisor rating
    Motel 6

    This must be the oldest hotel that’s not renovated. The room was very old and dingy, dark old carpet. 2 beds with no box spring cover, plain white sheets and blanket. At least it appeared clean! The clientele at this property weren’t the best either. The pool is boring and old. Even the common areas just seemed very generic. We were glad we weren’t in the room very long each day.

    Jun 28, 2022
  • 5.0 star tripadvisor rating
    Dont know why people are writing bad reviews

    The week before our trip i started reading reviews and i read alot of negative things and i thought to myself oh crap if this place i bad my daughter will flip cause she's a deva we've never stayed at a value resort before its always been the Coronado but to my surprise it was actually pretty nice. And for the people complaining that they're room weren't cleanded they asked me at check in if i wanted cleaning everyday or clean towels every 3 days, the room was clean a/c was cold all around place was great we had an awesome time. 169.00 a night was better that 450.00 a night. This was one of our best Disney trips!!!!

    May 29, 2022