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General policies & fine print

Check In: 3:00 PM
Check Out: 12:00 PM
Minimum Check-In Age: 18
General Policies:

Check-in Policy - Hotel requires a credit/debit card authorization or cash deposit upon check-in for incidentals; this will place a hold on your funds.

Convention Policy - Individuals attending a convention cannot book this property for their stay. If found attending a convention, guests may be subject to higher room rates upon arrival.

Hotel Spring Break Policy - This hotel cannot guarantee a spring-break-free environment.

Transfer Policy - A price may display when children stay free, if your vacation includes transfer to your hotel.

General Information - Room taxes and service fees are included in vacation price.  Minimum night stay restrictions may apply.  Reservation changes may not be permitted unless authorized by the hotel.

 *Important Information for our guests*

The Dominican Republic imposes various restrictions each year for Easter.  The restrictions usually begin the Thursday prior to Good Friday, and run a few days past Easter Sunday.  The following regulations may be enforced:
*Motorized and non-motorized watersports may be banned
*Alcohol consumption may be restricted  (most resorts obtain a special permit which enables them to serve alcohol to non-native persons during the ban)
*Music may be limited or silenced

These rules are designed for the safety of everyone, as beaches get extremely busy during this period.

Pet Policy Pets Not Allowed

Ratings & reviews

TripAdvisor traveler rating

4.0 14840 reviews
  • 5.0 star tripadvisor rating
    Golf Trip with Dad

    The grounds and resort was clean and fantastic, food was the best.. Kenya was super friendly every day really made us welcome.. The premium bar had Stoil, can't go wrong there. Rooms clean and very updated in the 1600 building. Coming back soon...

    Feb 28, 2024
  • 5.0 star tripadvisor rating
    Repeaters for the 14th time...YOU MUST TRY IT!

    What an amazing 7-day trip visiting our “Secunda Familia” at the Catalonia Bavaro Beach & Casino Resort in Punta Cana for our 14th time. We were blessed with great weather for the entire trip. Our great trip begins with an easy arrival/check-in process with in which our luggage was handled by “Big Pappy,” Manuel and his team and everything went smoothly. Then we had the privileged to meet with Yohanny, Tatiana, Yana and Kelly who greeted us back into what we call, “Our Secunda Casa.” Thank-you for your warm & amazing welcoming. These 4 wonderful individuals are the best at what they do, meaning they make sure everything runs smoothly so customers are satisfied with their trip. We must express our appreciation for making my sister and brother-in-law’s one day visit an experience they will not forget anytime soon. Thank-you Tatiana, Kelly, Yohanny, Yana and all the staff members who greeted them with open arms. Of course, having such great weather, we must highlight the excellent service at the pool bar. Thank-you to Francisca, Raynaldo, Felix, Carlos and Menffys who makes sures that everything is running smoothly. By the pool area, there is an excellent buffet restaurant called La Palapa. All the staff work as a team and respond to our needs promptly. The food is excellent. Thank you to all the chefs that work behind the scenes. We must mention the great hostesses Carolain & Karina who always greet us with a smile and a warm welcome. Let us not forget the excellent service at the Beach Bar with Raidon & Yohan. Thank-you! The El Palmeral Lobby Bar has two different vibes. During the day, we take our cappuccino and espresso brewed with love. They are delicious. Thank you to Rosario, Marleny and Maria. The night vibe is animated with wonderful staff and service. Thank you to the Veteran Jordanis & Miguel, Cutie patootie Christofer, Marielba, Luis Robles, Hector, Kelvin, Luis and we can’t forget the Jefe Sandy who walks around to all the bars to make sure everything runs smoothly. Also, at nighttime, we appreciate the Curacao which is a great cozy bar to listen to cocktail jazz while sipping great drinks made with love by Nicole & Daris. The Rodeo restaurant is a great steak house. We were greeted by “MY hermana” Fior D’Aliza. Love you girl! We had great service with Adoni & Juan. We also LOVE the Toscana Italian Restaurant. Wonderfully greeted by Maria. The service with Jose Rafael is impeccable and professional. We also like to underline the great service of Juan Gabriel. At the Terrace Tapas & Lounge Restaurant, we were greeted with a big smile with Carolain. The service was great with Saul & Rubi. As repeaters at this paradisiac resort, we must share our appreciation for the “Repeaters dinning experience”. For starters, we had a great saxophone player who made the ambiance romantic. Then they served us cocktails and appetizers. We also met the management staff who highlighted their appreciation for our loyalty and trust. Many thanks to Tatiana, Yohanny, Yana, Richard, Kelly, Andres, Ruben and the General Manager Ronald D'Jesús Ramírez Guerrero. Then dinner was served by an excellent staff member, Saul. We also MUST underline the AMAZING cooking technic for the salmon prepared by Chef Every. The crispy outside and the moist, juicy inside of this salmon as to be the best we ever had. The Gran Caribe Buffet is a breath-taking area of the resort surrounded with a pond and wildlife. We had excellent service with Carlos. If you ever take your vacation at this fabulous resort, you will NEVER be able to say you were bored. Ricky and all members of this animation team are full of energy and always finds a way to make you smile no matter how old you are. A special “hello” to Candice and all the Lookéa team members. We will be seeing you all very soon. We can’t wait. Marc & Chantale, Montreal, Canada

    Feb 25, 2024
  • 3.0 star tripadvisor rating
    Weekend getaway

    2/8/24-2/12/24 We book our room privilege the resort needs to change the mattress are hard as a rock, the pillows flat , my mini fridge wasn't working i called guess service the first day we arrived never send anyone i left a not for the cleaning lady as well nothing was done i called guess service again they came to replace it the last night i was there. My husband cut his foot coming out of the pool with a piece of tile the second day we were there vacation ruined. The resort was hesitant to take responsibility. They didnt offer not even an apology. The buffet workers need to attend to everyone not just certain people we went to the buffet they didnt offer not even water. More food and plates you must hunt for plates at the buffet. To make reservation for the restaurant good luck never availability and you go every table is empty. The only thing i like was there was always music by the pool and the workers. The resort does not let you know theres a restaurant section that is not included which i think they have too and you must paid there you cant charge it to your room. My first and last time at catalonia Still waiting for customers service Catalonia to reply my email.

    Feb 22, 2024
  • 5.0 star tripadvisor rating
    Wonderful stay! Wonderful Felix!

    Felix y Juan (beach runner) was wonderful. He was always friendly and attentive and made sure we were comfortable. Every day he had a smile on his face and anticipated our needs. Felix made our stay extra special. Thank you for a truly memorable trip!

    Feb 22, 2024
  • 1.0 star tripadvisor rating
    "Disaster Resort: Dilapidated Conditions, Sewage Back Ups, Water Shut Offs, Ant Pizza ,Duck Poop Pool

    We spoke with our travel agent for five months about booking a very much needed vacation away from children at an ADULTS ONLY All Inclusive Resort. We made reservations through FunJet Vacations for The Catalonia Bavaro Casino/ Golf Adults only resort. Supposedly a 5 Star Resort. Amstar ( who provides transportation and excursions outside the resort ) met us at the airport..We didn’t see them after that, not even for the appointment we booked for the next morning. Needless to say we weren’t able to book any excursions. When we got there, not only were there children all over the place but they had a kiddie pool and a playground. When our travel agent questioned the resort they said they had an adults side. But we were not booked on that side and they couldn't move us. We booked in an upgraded privileged romance suite. Who puts a couple that booked a special romance suite with kids? We asked Giselle to be moved daily. We would have to go to guest services to talk with Giselle. Because every time we called either no one would answer or the person who answered couldn’t speak English and would hang up on us. When we asked to speak to the manager (as instructed by our agent) we were told there was no manager there. They told us they had no rooms available on the adults only side. Then two days later said they could move us if we paid an additional $50 per night. Giselle at guest services told us that if a guest was a timeshare owner and wanted to stay with their children on the adults only side they could, The resort refused to move us to a different resort without us paying $247.58 plus transportation costs. So we were stuck. At no time were we ever asked if we wanted to leave. The only individuals that wanted to talk with us were the Concierge, AKA Time Share Pushers. These individuals were constantly harassing us . Trying to get you to come to a breakfast so they could strong arm guests into buying a timeshare. One Concierge representative actually wouldn’t leave us alone after being told to please leave us alone and No thank you four times. I had to tell him to leave us the F alone. We watched them target a lot of 65+ year old guests. My girlfriend and I were both sick the entire trip. And if that wasn't enough we had chemical burns from the filthy pool. We saw several individuals with red raised whelps, bumps and open sores on their legs, stomach and backs in the pool. The kiddie pool was closed three days before we left. The resort said it was for renovations, but in the pics you can see the sewage backing up into the pool. We experienced water shut offs in our room and the bathrooms at the pool and restaurants prior to the sewage backup. The first day of the water shut offs we went to the Pure Bar ( supposed to have top shelf alcohol, the drinks were watered down at all the bars) The Pure Bar didn’t have running water all day. The resort advertised that it was completely renovated. As you can see from the pics, that is far from the truth. Paint peeling off the ceiling from water underneath, constant water back ups in the shower. Cracked and missing tiles, doors that wouldn’t close, the lock on the exterior door to our patio was removed leaving a hole. Rather than having the lock replaced someone rigged a hook to lock the door with,(didn’t feel safe). outdoor lights with interior light bulbs covered by a piece of wood, trash in the small lakes along the walking paths and the sewage smell along the main walking path. Rusting structural brackets in the main facilities, shingles missing on every roof, duct work with insulation falling off. Mold everywhere, on exterior walls, in our shower, on the drapes in our room on the chairs. Between the unsanitary conditions, ants on the pizzas at the pizza buffet and witnessing an employee take out the trash then start rolling out pizza dough without washing his hands all the mold and filthy pool It’s no wonder we were sick the entire time we were there. There was a large hole in the wall under the sink, we asked that it be fixed four times. A young lady came to the room the last time and after looking at the large hole her response was "This isn't good for you" In fact the phrase was used anytime we asked for help. Our AC in our room wasn’t cooling. We were promised a massage on the beach. We showed up 20 min. early and waited, but no masseuse ever showed up. The resort includes a scuba diving lesson in the pool for guests. There was never any lessons going on and no one could tell us who to talk to about making reservations. We had the refrigerator in our room switched out 3 times before we got one that kept drinks at 50°. Yum warm drinks. One bartender poured a bug out of one of our drinks then handed us the same drink. We witnessed bartenders putting their fingers in drinks, not washing hands, ants all over the counter and pizza pans at the pizza buffet. Birds flying into the buffets walking on peoples tables, taking food off their plates, pooping all over the chairs and tables. ( of course no one made any effort to clean up the bird poop). Children randomly walking around with no parent in sight, touching things on the buffets and other guests tables. There were ducks all over the property, where there are ducks there is duck poop. At night we witnessed employees dipping brooms in the pool and scrubbing the duck poop from around the pool. And guess where that water went, yep back in the pool. We witnessed a resort employee fumigating around the outside of a restaurant. The employee was wearing a respirator all the guests he was spraying next too weren’t. The beach was covered in black seaweed. You couldn’t get into the water without walking through the floating seaweed. Kinda scary when you can’t see where your stepping. We were able to get beach towels one time while we were there. Otherwise we brought towels from our room. Every time we went to the towel huts they said come back in an hour. There were never any fresh towels. No one cleaned the beach while we were there. Giselle said the beach always looked like that. It didn't look anything like what they advertised. There is a club called The Pearl. They had a DJ, stage ,light show, pool, restaurant and bar. We went there one evening, of course parents with little kids splashing and playing in the pool ( this was not the kiddie pool) pool water going in peoples drinks. We talked to a couple who were leaving, they said don’t order any drinks or food in there. We asked why, they said you have to pay. I said but this is an all inclusive resort, everything on the resort should be included. They said well it’s not and it’s really expensive. So this actually is NOT an All Inclusive Resort and as admitted by Giselle at guest services depending on the guest, they can have their children anywhere. So this resort is NOT an adults only resort and they do NOT have an adults ONLY side. The pictures of the white pristine beaches and turquoise blue water, were NOT taken at this resort. As you can see from all our photos , this resort has NOT been renovated as we were told. This was NOT a vacation, we were sick and had chemical burns all over. The photos we saw were from the Catalonia Bavaro Hotel (which is next door to the resort) We were harassed, lied too and ignored . This resorts marketing strategy is bait and switch. They market an illusion, then claim ignorance when they are expected to be held to their supposed standards. Please help make sure this horrific excuse of a vacation never happens to anyone else.

    Feb 20, 2024