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One of Jamaica’s best all-inclusive resorts, the elegant Royalton Blue Waters Montego Bay, An Autograph Collection All-Inclusive Resort promises guests a luxurious escape, surrounded by stylish architecture, a pristine beach and soothing tropical breezes. This new-generation all-inclusive property offers discerning travelers a family-friendly vacation experience with entertainment for guests of all ages including a lazy river.

Designed to deliver unrivaled tropical getaways, from the unlimited à la carte dining to the signature handcrafted DreamBed™ mattresses, Royalton Blue Waters Montego Bay sets itself apart. Guests can take advantage of the ‘stay at 1 play at 2’ benefits of side-by-side luxury all-inclusive resorts with access to adjacent Royalton White Sands.


Montego Bay, Jamaica
Sangster International Airport : 22 miles

Property information

Year Built: 2016
Total rooms: 228


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Hotel advisories

Advisory "JAMAICA'S TOBACCO CONTROL REGULATIONS SMOKING PROHIBITED IN THE FOLLOWING PLACES: •All enclosed places (Restaurants, bars, lobby areas and rooms) •Public transportation •Work places • Government owned and occupied buildings •Health facilities including pharmacies •Sports, athletics and recreational facilities for use by the public •Educational institutions •Areas specifically for use by children • And places of collective use such as bus stops. Persons may be fined or imprisoned."
Advisory Guests staying in the Luxury Junior Suite Connecting Oceanview or Diamond Club Luxury Junior Suite Connecting Oceanivew categories must have at least 2 Adults (18 and over) in the room or run the risk of denial by the hotel.
Advisory The Hotel wants to notify that all the guests arriving as of January 1st 2023, the complimentary access to hydrotherapy circuits will be limited over the age of 18 which will be one session per person per stay.

General policies & fine print

Check In: 3:00 PM
Check Out: 12:00 PM
Minimum Check-In Age: 18
General Policies:

Check-in Policy - Hotel requires a credit/debit card authorization or cash deposit upon check-in for incidentals; this will place a hold on your funds. 

Convention Policy - Individuals attending a convention cannot book this property for their stay. If found attending a convention, guests may be subject to higher room rates upon arrival.

Hotel Spring Break Policy - This hotel cannot guarantee a spring-break-free environment.

Transfer Policy - A price may display when children stay free, if your vacation includes transfer to your hotel.

General Information - Room taxes and service fees are included in vacation price.  Minimum night stay restrictions may apply.  Reservation changes may not be permitted unless authorized by the hotel.

Ratings & reviews

TripAdvisor traveler rating

4.5 6638 reviews
  • 4.0 star tripadvisor rating
    Pleasant Stay

    This hotel is very accommodating The staff, environment and rooms are nice. Our room was cleaned every day. We had butler service who took care of our daily events and accepted. Entertainment was average. On the down side the food wasn't that good. Often times it was barely warm. There is a gym where you can work out. Lots of liquor! I would definitely go back.

    Sep 23, 2023
  • 1.0 star tripadvisor rating

    I am writing this review, as I have not received any response from the General Manager nor any of the travel agencies- Sunwing Vacations and Royalton... We have booked a wedding package getaway from Sunwing Vacations via a travel agency (Exclusivetoyoutravel), which took place between September 12th 2023-September 19th 2023, with a total party of 33 guests. A formal report was also submitted to guest services at the resort on the last night of our weekend stay. As there were a numerous amount of issues, as mentioned above, I will elaborate further by bullet form. 1. As this issue is a direct safety risk, I will address this issue as top priority. On the day of my sister-in-law’s wedding, there was an unidentified individual on the resort following a minor (9 years old girl), of which was the daughter of the groom’s party. The child had seen the individual in the hallway when she was walking outside the room and had begun to run away shortly after she had seen them. She was being followed across the corridor and luckily made it to her room prior to any physical contact. As you anticipate, she was in severe distraught after this event and the individual had run off. She suffered psychological trauma, of which she held on close proximity to her mother for the rest of the duration of the stay. Given the significance of the event, the family had filed a report with the front desk and minimal care was attended to the matter. There was a complete regard of ignorance to the safety of the child, as the parents were told “we will look into it”, with no follow up on the subsequent days. Witnesses also had observed this unknown male but unfortunately they were not able to track the individual as they swiftly ran off in the distance, portraying very poor security and safety to the guests of the resort. 2. Lack of communication and commitment to service was evident to ALL of the wedding guests in regards to the renovations/construction being done to the resort. It appeared as 25% of the resort was operational, of which the resort was progressively closing despite guests presents on the grounds. Tables/chairs were slowly being taken away, staff were losing compassion as lay-offs were foreseen, bars/restaurants were opening late and closed early and there was a palpable feeling of negativity during the duration of our stay. The staff appeared to have a lack of motivation to provide services, which led to an overall decline in service quality, more so evident to the diamond club individuals who paid for these additions. ALL the slides were closed. The Kids’ area was completely walled off. The lazy river was malfunctioning and not working at all, as its purpose was to propel the tubes forward. It was highly suspicious that operations were limiting their energy consumption for savings, as they were rotating the jets in the pool daily. There was continuous noise and dust from the construction. The filth was present on all of the grounds when walking on bare feet, which made the stay very uncomfortable. Despite all of these observations, Royalton continues to not disclose any notice of construction on their main webpage. There is also no disclaimer on any of the booking sites, including with Sunwing Vacations prior to departing on the trip. This can be attested by all the 33 guests present for the wedding party. Why pay full price for 25% of services available? 3. Multiple restaurants were closed during the duration of our stay. It was evident that 3/9 restaurants were open and even despite this fact, there were limited food options in the venues that were open. We had brought 2 young children on the trip, which had very limited options. There was hardly any juice to order, the food tasted very bland and service was very slow in the “a-la Carte’s”, despite limited guests at the resort. There were also very little fruits available. This is in conjunction to the notion stated above. There was limited options to also obtain basic resources such as water, as the bars/restaurants closed early and having limited supplies. This detail was not depicted in our memo from the travel agent a few days prior to departure to the resort. 4. Sewage smell/no hot water was present during the duration of our stay and for most of the guests present. Multiple reports were made to the staff, which a repairman was sent out and had not resolved the issue. We have made multiple calls and despite these measures, there was no resolution. To obtain water that was slightly warm, we had to open the taps for 20 minutes and bathe our kids very quickly, which ended in a crying event every single time. The sewage smell was also not resolved, which appeared to be major structural issue encompassed in the resort. The smell was so potent that we had nights that were very difficult to sleep and had to spray the room to compensate for this. 5. Fire alarms were activated on and off throughout the day without any indication of the situation. This posed as a safety risk, as the guests do not know what orders to follow, in the case of a true event. This included wake up calls from these alarms at 4/5 am, waking up our young children and ourselves. 6. Kids’ area closure without any reasonable means to compromise for their activities. Kids club was nowhere to be found and there was completely no entertainment for children, including nightly entertainment. This was also not noted in our memo from the travel agent, where you can observe the point states “kids club moved to Blue Water”. 7. Phones in the room were not operational. Despite only having the speaker option available and difficulty hearing the individual on the other end, we were unable to get a hold of anyone for duration of 15-20 minutes. This limited our vacation time, which I had to run to the front desk from the room to address our issues. 8. Entertainment area was moved to the sports bar, which had very limited seating and felt concealed, despite having the vacant space to provide this resource. This resulted in less enjoyment as the guests were exposed to the commercial speakers in close proximity. There was also limited energy and motivation from the staff, relaying back to the statements found above. With the above points mentioned, I wanted to portray the severity of significance of the dissatisfaction we endured during the duration of our stay. With the elaborated points stated above, I and the wedding party can attest to these notions, including the formal reports submitted to guest services. Royalton resorts have their core values of “passionate” and “customer-centric”, I kindly ask for your attention to these matters, as they have impacted negatively on your customers, including a bride and groom who choose to have their meaningful experience associated with this organization.

    Sep 23, 2023
  • 1.0 star tripadvisor rating

    Imagine stepping out of your elevator, the bellhop is taking your luggage up to your room after a FIVE HOUR DELAY. As you walk down the hallway towards your room the first thing that you smell is SEWAGE AND GARBAGE! Being the good human that you are, you think that this is an anomaly and chalk it up as a one-off situation. As the days progress, you realize that there’s construction on site that you were not made aware of until you booked your vacation. The construction is directly impeding your dining experience, line sight to the ocean, and overall comfort. The facility is quite literally breaking down. Service is atrocious as the employees complain that they are not going to be paid during their time off so their lack of service is a direct product of their disgruntlement. Imagine going into a pool to take a swim just to be told that the entire resort is out of towels. You are expected to shake the pool water off your body like a wet dog. Lets say you want to go up to the swim up pool bar and order a drink, well guess what, they don’t even have anything stocked. Everything that you ask for, there is an excuse for why it is not available and sometimes the answer is just “we don't have that”. Let alone that the employees are severely overworked and rude service has become an abject culture. There is nothing with regards to consideration provided for the guests. In my entire life, I have never paid a set amount of money for a service in which I was completely robbed, in-dignified and taken for a fool. I strongly suggest that you shy away from this resort at all cost. As for the reparations portion, I assure you that the hotel will provide some cut and paste false empathetic response in which they will try to sound as if they actually give a damn. The truth is, they don’t give a sh*t and the machine will continue to move. They will continue to take advantage of their guests, their employees and what they can get away with. We must stand up and ensure that these people are held accountable. I WILL NEVER STAY AT THIS RESORT AGAIN NOR WILL I REFER IT TO ANYONE. The resort is ran like a 21st century plantation and you can see it in the faces of the employees who intern treat the guests poorly. It’s a lose-lose situation and you’re better off spending your money somewhere else. We didn’t even have a water on our last day. Basic necessities like running water was not provided to their guests that paid a small fortune to stay at the resort. We had no water, we had no bottled water nor did we have any water pressure from our shower. If you enjoy throwing your money down the drain, this is the resort for you. If you enjoy service that meets the standard that resources standby, please look elsewhere. This place is not for you. I assure you this is not the resort you want to stay at.

    Sep 22, 2023
  • 1.0 star tripadvisor rating
    Please read before booking

    Our stay at The Royalton Blue Waters left much to be desired. From the moment we arrived, we faced several significant issues that impacted our overall experience. Firstly, we were disappointed to discover that we paid a premium price for accommodations, but only half the resort was accessible due to renovations, limiting our options significantly. Reservation confusion was a persistent problem, despite our efforts to secure rooms well in advance. Many in our group of 32 people had to endure lengthy waits before gaining access to their rooms, often finding that their assigned rooms didn't match their reservations – a source of considerable stress and frustration. Room conditions were another source of disappointment, with various problems like malfunctioning air conditioning and bathroom issues in several of our rooms, a far cry from what we expected given the premium rates we paid. Service at the resort left much to be desired; basic requests, such as room service or amenities replenishment, were met with delays, indifference, or sometimes ignored completely. The wedding arrangements were not executed as agreed upon, causing disruptions to our bride and grooms special day. In addition, we experienced frequent disruptions from fire alarms and construction noise from the other half of the resort, significantly impacting our ability to relax. What was most alarming was the apparent decline of the resort during our stay due to an unannounced layoff/shutdown for the staff and resort following our leave . Sanitation and food options dwindled, staff responsiveness declined, and essential services like A/C and water were cut off in all rooms. Most importantly the safety of a 9-year-old girl in our group was also compromised with no appropriate response from the hotel staff. We hope that the resort takes immediate action to address these concerns, but to date have done nothing but issue a blanket apology. Our wish is that these issues are resolved to ensure a better experience for future guests.

    Sep 22, 2023
  • 1.0 star tripadvisor rating
    My sister wedding

    Let’s start off with the travel agency that we went with. She messed up on seven peoples names on their tickets and didn’t tell us that half. The resort is going to be closed due to construction remind you that we went here for my sisters wedding so the venue that she was originally supposed to have was closed. So when we arrive there at 11:30 AM half our rooms weren’t even ready until 6 PM. Half of the restaurant were close the dinner buffet was closed was only open once during our seven days there. So they ran out half the things when we were there. On the last night there there was no hot water at all. Showers did not work. We had to use the tub that was provided with only cold water. We we talked to the front desk and they said maintenance was working on it and there was none nothing resolved then also have a couple people saw cockroaches in their rooms as well. So if you are thinking of coming to this resort, I really do revise not to come to this place was not a great experience and they kind of ran my sister’s wedding as well so I need to go somewhere else.

    Sep 21, 2023