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The ultimate in romantic all-suite accommodation, this refined Adults only resort offers Unlimited-Luxury® with limitless gourmet dining and stylish rooms. There is a great range of daily activities including the opportunity to explore the famous reefs off the coast.

Location: Located on Cozumel Island, approx. 90 minutes land and boat transfer from Cancun International Airport.


Cozumel, Quintana Roo (CZM) : 9 miles

Property information

Year Built: 2007
Total available rooms and suites: 266


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Hotel advisories

Advisory Student Groups (Spring Breakers) are not permitted at Hotel. A student group consist of those that travel without parent supervision or a responsible adult in each room. This could refer to but not limited to high school students or college students booking multiple rooms. The hotel reserves the right to deny lodging to any reservations of this type.

General policies & fine print

Check In: 3:00 PM
Check Out: 12:00 PM
Minimum Check-In Age: 18
General Policies:

Check-in Policy - Hotel requires a credit/debit card authorization or cash deposit upon check-in for incidentals; this will place a hold on your funds.

Hotel Spring Break Policy - Student Groups (Spring Breakers) are not permitted at Hotel. A student group consist of those that travel without parent supervision or a responsible adult in each room. This could refer to but not limited to high school students or college students booking multiple rooms. The hotel reserves the right to deny lodging to any reservations of this type.

General Information - Room taxes are included in vacation price. Minimum night stay restrictions may apply. Reservation changes may not be permitted unless authorized by the hotel.

Ratings & reviews

TripAdvisor traveler rating

4.0 6176 reviews
  • 1.0 star tripadvisor rating

    My husband and I stayed here two years ago three nights in a row we lost power which made for a very hot night but we thought we would give it another try so we went 5/28/23-06/03/23…. BIG MISTAKE!! For being a luxury resort it really is far from it. The rooms are in rough shape and we stayed preferred. The food was not that great a few things were good like the wings in the preferred lounge and the Alfredo at the pizzeria. There was water dripping from the bathroom ceiling, phone next to the bed did not work so you had to go to the bathroom and use that phone, the free $200 resort money is a joke! You can’t use it at the gift shops or activities only on stuff that you spend an arm and leg on it’s not worth it! The staff is super super nice but we got pressured to do the 90 minute sales pitch we told them we did not want to them the next day he found us again and hounded us about it so we agreed but told them it would be a no. After setting through it my husband said no so he called another guy over my husband said no the guy keeps on my husband said things happen in life and things have changed for us that it just wasn’t for us the guy continues to keep on I finally said listen we just lost our 14 year old daughter in January and we came to just get away I started to cry and had to get up from the table. Then for all you SMOKERS I know to some it is not a big deal but no one tells you this. YOU CANNOT SMOKE IN MEXICO!!!! They have passed a law And no one is allowed to smoke unless they are in their home!!! So all you smokers like us who come to be on vacation and relax and lay or sit wherever you want and smoke a cigarette ITS NOT HAPPENING!!!! I know it’s not the resorts fault but I feel like these resorts should make sure that is on their website because if we had known you could not smoke in Mexico we would have not went there. We will never be back to Mexico!!

    Jun 03, 2023
  • 2.0 star tripadvisor rating
    Very disappointed

    If you just want to lie in a chair, drink cheap drinks and look at water, this is for you. But if you are accustomed to nice places, this is the pits. First of all, the "preferred" pkg isn't worth it. The check-in took 1 hour in the "preferred" bar/lounge with snacks that had been out all day and was a hike to get to. You receive $200 in voucher credits to apply in resort, BUT, can only use one per event, so only $20 applied to $200 spa, etc. The "host" pressured us to attend the Hyatt vacation club 90 min sales pitch. Told her we weren't interested but she found us at breakfast and followed me to confirm our return airport shuttle. Still hounding me. Finally firmly said NO. The suite was ocean front, 3rd floor with 2 balconies, with a HUGE palm tree totally blocking any view. The room was huge with poor, old,cheap furnishings. No art work or anything visually inviting. Bed was ok. No tv in living room. Refrigerator on floor with a bench for coffee pot and ice bucket that you had to take to a bar for ice, no ice machines on floor. Elevator was akin to a service elevator. Bathroom tile worn, outdated. A/C never really got cool. TV had very poor satellite reception, often none. The bathroom toilletries were good tho. The Main pool was dirty, not clear, and algae in bottom. The "preferred" level pool was akin to a huge hot tub, uncomfortable. Only one decent pool by lobby. Nice comfy padded "preferred" beach loungers,but not enough and only in one location along beach. There was a 4th pool at rear of resort but was not viewable from beach and no breeze. Food was not good except breakfast and room service, although slow. Ordered room service by app first time and it never arrived. After complaining and placing order by phone we received it after 90 min. Not all restaurants open daily and most are all outdoor dining. Very hot at dinner. The Mediterranean and Oceania restaurants were ok. Can also eat at sister resorts near but have to walk long distance. Some nightly entertainment on beach was too loud. Beach was not good. Picture on brochure is deceiving. Sand is coarse and water entry is only possible if wearing water shoes. It is rocky and craggy. The grounds of the resort are lush and tropical and a bit confusing at first to navigate. Not going back and all the couples we met felt the same.

    Jun 01, 2023
  • 1.0 star tripadvisor rating
    Horrid service, horrid food, and do not expect anything from this resort.

    So my dad was kind enough to book my mom and I a mom and daughter vacation here because we hadn't stayed on Cozumel before. He got a preferred room because he read the reviews that the non preferred rooms were not that great and didn't want us staying in something like that on a vacation. Cue the first day we get there. Check in isn't until 3pm, but we could go enjoy the resort. Hungry we went to the Oceana. Mom got the fish and I decided to try the seafood meatballs. The latter was basically cat food and you cannot convince me otherwise. I took 3 bites because my motto is I have to really try it before I decide I do not like it, but they were horrid. My mom's fish was OK, but that was at best. The room was ready. The room we had is nice and the location of it was really great. We both agreed that the proximity to the pool and the beach was really great. We were both so tired we crashed and decided to do room service for dinner that evening. The shower didn't work properly. Your options were more shower wand with showerhead leaking on your head or more rainfall from the showerhead with less shower wand. We are early risers when it comes to going to the beach so securing a spot was easy because nothing, and I mean nothing, at this resort appeared to happen before noon. Breakfast was lackluster. The papaya was mushy and tasted a little off. You were very lucky if somebody came to give you water or coffee in any capacity before you finished your first plate. The rest of the food in one part of the buffet felt very non breakfast-like. Mom got orange juice one morning and said it was so sweet it tasted like they added sugar to already bottled orange juice. If you expect service of any kind on the beach, don't. You may see them once at noon, and there is a likelihood you will not get your drink. I just wanted some water because it was so hot and I spent the entire morning swimming and I never got it. Mom had to go to the bar at the preferred pool to get a jalapeno margarita. This was the only time we ever got one properly made. All spicy jalapeno margaritas after were made with pickled jalapenos, which is incredibly disgusting. The first night we went to the sushi restaurant. Note it is where the sky bar is. We got there early to have a drink where no bartender initially was. I got a 'spicy' pineapple margarita where they put what looks like Tajin on the rim to make it 'spicy.' Mom wanted a white chocolate martini, but was promptly told they didn't have them despite it being one of the signature cocktails for that bar when you scan the QR code. I want to be clear that it is super hot up there and the sushi restaurant was to open in a few minutes so we and another couple up there stepped into the entry way where we were rudely told to go back outside. When we finally got seated, mom and I were told this was the last 2 person space in the restaurant, which had just opened. To put it clearly, this felt like a forgotten corner back room with two dirty frosted windows. At this point we never saw the same person twice. Somebody took the initial order. My Mexican sushi was actually good. I tried my mom's California roll and I did not like it. At that point I wanted a drink and some more water. Somebody came to clear our plates and we asked for such. Never saw him or our order again. At this point we waited 30+ minutes and my mom had to get up and poke her head around the corner with her water glass to which then somebody finally reappeared. We ordered the banana tempura, I ordered a drink and more water. We got dessert and again never saw another soul. The next day still breakfast was the same no service and same fair. We did not see anybody taking orders at the beach until noon. We got one drink and then again never saw them reappear again. At the very least we got our drinks this time. That night I believe we at at the French restaurant The Bordeaux. Y'all the humidity made it feel like 98 degrees that day and the air conditioning did not work in the restaurant. I feel really bad for the people working because even in a light dress I was drenched in sweat. The food was good, but you barely wanted to eat it because it was so hot inside. My mom's meal was somehow straight up cold. She made me feel it and yeah, it feels like they cooked it 30+ minutes ago then tossed it on a plate. There is no entertainment here in the evenings unless you pay or it is such blah standard junk (blackjack and roulette is not evening entertainment) that people shouldn't even be paying for it at an all inclusive. There was a 'free' fire show on the beach one evening. I don't think a cheap beach lounger is appropriate seating. My back is a hot mess that I had to leave early because I couldn't sit in the lounger anymore. It is $100 dollars for the 'Mayan' dinner on the beach. Thank goodness we skipped because that show was not worth it and you could also see it from any part of the beach. If you order dessert, expect it to be dry. I don't know how they managed it so consistently, but if it was a cake of any kind, expect it to need water which felt pretty behind bars there. Getting water with their poor service was so hard. Do not plan to stay hydrated in any capacity because you either will not get any service to refill your small water glass or they will give you 4 bottles of water to last you and a guest a whole day. The best service we ended up having was near our final day when we ate at Windows. Finally warm food for my mom and I both, the waiter was attentive and was super nice. Food was good (minute most of the desserts) and that was the only good meal we had. If you are preferred, you can eat at the other 2 resort restaurants except you don't know what they are or the layout of the other resorts so it is a very pointless perk. That and the food is pretty bad. My mom said it felt like they were feeding pigs because it was just gross food they expected us to eat and that was it. Then the power went out twice while we were there, something I can fully say has never happened during any other resort stay. Thankfully it came back on, but it didn't seem like they even gave a single iota of a hoot when it went out during the day because when approached, the lady working there just said "Oh all the resorts are having problems with power right now." The two best things about this resort are the 2 hrs free rental of snorkel gear as there are so many fish right out there. It was wonderful. The other thing was morning pilates/yoga. Absolutely recommend it, though I do not know how long that specific instructor will be there. Pool aerobics was the same thing every day with no variation. I ended up not even going the third time. If you wanted to go do the same thing in a pool that is warm and you know people haven't left the water in all day, then by all means. Also bring your shoes, even if you go to the pool. They laid in stonework that doesn't dissipate heat and you can and will burn your feet, even if you've been in the pool. Basically if you enjoy sleeping in, poor service, no entertainment, and slop this place is your dream spot. Otherwise? Just stay somewhere else. It isn't worth the money spent.

    May 31, 2023
  • 1.0 star tripadvisor rating
    Absolutely Awful

    We were in “Preferred”. Check in took 1 hour, she apologized and stated that she would see what she could do to get us something to compensate for that long wait. Never heard back. The “Preferred” amenities list a few things that were actually nowhere to be found and I brought that up to them with no reaction: “Complimentary computer access (none), Daily continental breakfast service (was there but totally gross), Afternoon hot and cold hors d’oeuvres (was there but totally gross)” There’s a very nice app for your phone that tells you on a daily basis which restaurant is open, activities, etc. Fantastic idea. Problem is that the information on the app is wrong 90% of time. And the sheet they give you weekly is also not much accurate. So, we ended showing up at restaurants that were not open, many times. There are never many restaurants open, we ended up going to Dreams a few nights. Service for food was unbelievably atrocious at Oceana restaurant. Had to go get drinks at the bar ourselves since it took forever. We walked out 3 times before getting our orders because they never showed up on the table. The service at Bordeaux was the best, Gohan (Sushi) restaurant was second best. The food was also good at those two restaurants, as well as Windows, but it was only opened once during the week. The menus never change in any of the restaurants. Forget the buffet it is awful. We used two restaurants at Dreams, Annatto and Olio and the food was decent so was the service. But to have a hunt for restaurants every night (even in preferred) is really not acceptable. We tipped every meal, every drink, every day in the room. At the Sushi bar one night, I gave 20 pesos to the barman for one drink, his answer:” One dollar, only one dollar” I was stunned, so were the few people around me! “ Then the toilet broke, we advised them right away. 3 hours later someone showed up to fix it. Then we had water dripping the bathroom ceiling, 3 hours later someone showed up and affirmed it was fixed. After dinner, dripping again, they came back, fixed it! No, next morning huge puddle in the bathroom. So, we had to plead to get a new room. Asked for compensation since we had to pack, repack, etc. (basically loose a whole day plus). Their compensation was the fact that we get a new room (unbelievable). They gave us a cheap bottle of sparkling and a smaller room (but ocean front with no view). All in all, it was an awful week, and expensive on top of that. Go somewhere else, this island is absolutely beautiful and there’s plenty of other resorts that provide better service and amenities.

    May 25, 2023
  • 2.0 star tripadvisor rating
    Not even a two star resort

    This is not the resort it was. We came last year for my birthday and had a great time. Decided to go again to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. What a disappointment. Restaurants are open on a whim it seems. Food is not what it was. As we’ve been told on multiple occasions- this is how it is all cooked. As in I ordered lamb chops and asked for medium rare and got very well done. Power goes out frequently. The resort desperately needs an update. Our air conditioning dripped for three days and we finally called our booking agent to have it addressed as the staff were not concerned about it. The spigot on the tub blew water on the wall which was fixed at the same time as the air conditioning. This is not a five star resort. It was a three star last year and it is declining rapidly. The staff is constantly cleaning. Housekeeping is wonderful. Bartender and waitstaff are working hard to keep us happy. We commend them for their efforts! We came here for an adults only experience and it seems as if the 20 something crowd has found a new party place. This is not the place it was. It’s not an enjoyable experience unless you’re coming to get trashed and party with a younger crowd. Will we be back? Not until the place has seen some significant improvement in maintenance, repairs and improvements.

    May 24, 2023