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Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa in Ko Olina, is part of the Ko Olina Resort Community & Marina, which is located on the western shore of O`ahu about 17 miles from the Honolulu International Airport in Hawai`i. Aulani rests on 21 acres of beachfront property in the Ko Olina Resort & Marina development.

Aloha. You’ve arrived at a magical place-a first-of-its-kind Disney creation, inspired by shared family stories. Here you can celebrate the elegance and history of the Hawaiian culture, and embrace a whole new world of possibilities. In the Ko Olina area on the leeward side of Oahu, the Resort is perfectly placed—close to Hawaiian favorites but just far enough away to be an enchanting escape. The soaring architecture of the lobby offers stunning mountain and ocean views, while throughout the Resort you’ll discover luxurious details and flawless Disney magic in harmony with the natural world.

KA WA‘A, a Lu‘au at Aulani Resort:

Aloha ‘Auinala! As the sun dips into the ocean to end the day, a conch shell is blown in the distance and a Hawaiian oli chant begins. This is the tradition of welcoming our Guests to KA WA‘A, a Lu‘au at Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa which Guests will soon be able to experience once again! reservations are now available for KA WA‘A Lu‘au which will reopen on March 27, 2021. 

Set under the stars on the beautiful Halawai Lawn, KA WA‘A immerses you in the live music, traditional dance, and ancient stories of Hawai‘i through Disney’s signature entertainment.  Prior to the show, Guests are encouraged to participate in family activities that are now enjoyed from the comfort of their own table. The activity demonstrations include flower arranging and poi pounding, a process in which Taro root is ground to create poi -- a food that is a staple of the ancient Hawaiian diet.  
The lu‘au features a three-course plated meal that includes mouth-watering island favorites such as ahi poke and lomilomi salmon salad, imu-style braised pork, island fish, teriyaki chicken, local seasonal vegetables, and a dessert trio. To accompany the meal, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages are included in the event price.  
After dinner, Guests are treated to an enchanting journey through Hawaiian history and discover its deep cultural roots in canoe (wa‘a) exploration, which brought the first explorers to the shores of Ko Olina. Throughout the evening, lively music and traditional Hawaiian dance vividly bring the show’s story to life. 
The lu‘au is offered three nights per week, weather permitting. Reservations can be made online, or by calling (844) 284-7644.  


Honolulu, HI, USA - Honolulu International (HNL) : 30 miles

Property information

Year Built: 2011
Last Renovation: 2012
Accessible rooms: 1
Floors: 15
Total rooms: 359


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Hotel advisories

Advisory Hotel is smoke-free. There are designated outdoor smoking locations available.
Advisory A minimum parking fee of $37.00 per room, per day, per vehicle will be charged and collected by the hotel at check-in or check-out. The fee is subject to change without prior notice. The information published here is to give the client an estimate of additional fees they may be responsible for but not a guarantee of the final amount due.

General policies & fine print

Check In: 3:00 PM
Check Out: 11:00 AM
Minimum Check-In Age: 21
General Policies:

Walt Disney World reservations must be booked with the correct guest names. A complete name change to the lead name is considered a cancellation and will require a new reservation.
A major credit card is required upon check-in to cover phone or incidental charges.

Convention attendees cannot book this property for their convention stay, they must book through the proper convention source.  Convention attendees that violate this policy will be responsible for paying any higher rates and may not be eligible for any promotional offerings.

Room taxes are included in vacation price.

Room requests are not guaranteed and are based upon availability upon check-in.

Pet Policy Pets Not Allowed

Ratings & reviews

TripAdvisor traveler rating

4.5 6902 reviews
  • 1.0 star tripadvisor rating
    Housekeeping Steals from rooms

    Housekeeping steals belongings. We checked out and I realized I left my $500 headphones on the ottoman in plain sight but when I called they said there was nothing left in the room and nothing was in lost and found. I’m saddened to see other reviews with similar experiences.

    Dec 02, 2022
  • 1.0 star tripadvisor rating
    Do not ever stay at the Disney hotel in Aulani. Stay at the four seasons next-door and have your kids use the Disney sli

    This is probably the first review I’ve ever written…I’m almost 50!!….. that’s how terrible this hotel was! Charging guests approximately $900 a night is fine ONLY if you accommodate with outstanding services. There is no room service. They clean your room every other day and not very well. Upon arrival there was a brush from the people that were previously there in the bathroom. They only change your sheets upon departure. If your child has an accident in their bed, they will provide you with sheets and you will have to change the bed yourself. They don’t even leave complementary water bottles in your room! The staff is extremely lazy and dump every request on someone else. They ran out of bananas for two days. If you don’t reserve a place to eat for breakfast or dinner a month before your stay you will be confined to a grab and go counter situation. ( runny scrambled eggs for kids)!!! The only times you’ll see Mickey or Minnie is if you have make a reservation and pay $70 per person to do so. The food was terrible and there was no espresso’s or cappuccinos or lattes at any time served in the hotel, only coffee, sucked!!!! The pools were freezing! There were only three Jacuzzis, which were a little warm and filled with kids because they were freezing from the pool. Although many people complained, they just chalked it up to technical difficulties with a nice Mahalo at the end. There was hardly any pool side service and staff was very unaccommodating. I will never come to this hotel again they have no business charging more than $350 a night. Being a Disney hotel for kids they made everything so difficult and complicating for the adults. Not only did you need a room key for everything but you need to remember a four digit code along with that room key. Everything had to be taken care of at the front desk which meant if you had screaming kids in your room, you’d have to leave them, or drag them all with you downstairs to the lobby to handle some thing so tedious. There are no late checkouts whatsoever, but there is a lounge available to you to shower, but that’s only if you wake up at 6 AM and get on the list to reserve your family a spot to do so. This was the case with everything at Disney! We were very disappointed because we never got an email or a call from concierge prior to our arrival, explaining how it works or how many reservations are needed, or may be necessary in order for you to have dinner or breakfast. The four seasons next-door is amazing and that’s where we ended up having to spend most of our time. If you plan on going, I would recommend the four seasons and your kids can go right next-door and use the Disney pool if they don’t freeze to death. I know in the scheme of things my post won’t matter because at the end of the day they’re Disney and they can get away with what they’ve been getting away with for all these years… and they know that!

    Nov 29, 2022
  • 2.0 star tripadvisor rating
    Continues to be a disappointment

    Prior to the pandemic, we traveled to Aulani for Thanksgiving a number of years. 2019 half the resort was under renovation and we made the mistake of bringing family and friends with us, who based on their experience, will never come back. We assumed it was a one-off negative experience due to the construction. Fast forward to October 2021, our family of 3 came back for the first time. For the price, the limited food options and amenities were not worth it. But again, we excused it due to Hawaii taking longer to ramp up after COVID. Our biggest mistake was coming this year. Our 5 night stay was incredibly disappointing. Poor service (outside of the VERY lovely Krystal who checked us in and Dan from AMA AMA who was amazing!) limited restaurant options (quick service breakfast unless you booked 60 days ahead the poorly appointed character breakfast), freezing cold pools (we have a pool we heat and your pools were not at 82-86 as you claim in your app…. Especially for the unseasonable cold weather during our trip), AMA AMA FINALLY reopened but it’s now only a $150 per person prefixed meal (delicious but limiting for some) and only open at night. We confirmed with the restaurant this is not a staffing issue, but I think the icing on the cake was Friday of the World Cup USA and England game. Off the Hook is the only restaurant with TVs, and they would only let people stand and watch until 10:30… the place was packed! Every day you could order drinks, but not food, prior to 11am at the bar. Today, Friday, was no different. Although they should have planned ahead and made more money 💁🏻‍♀️ What was different was the VERY rude bartender telling us she hopes the “kid up front” told us we need to leave by 10:30. We told her, yep, no worries! We’re just thankful a bar is open and the game is on… her response “trust me, we don’t want to be and try not to be open.” We went over to the Four Seasons to finish watching the game and we met other guests who went down to the Marriott to do the same. No room service, no housekeeping, and horrible service. Well done Disney. Charge the same as the Four Seasons but provide none of the amenities! I guess that’s why when we went over there for our meals they said they’ve had many guests switch hotels.

    Nov 25, 2022
  • 5.0 star tripadvisor rating
    Great experience, Disney meets pure paradise!

    Had a fantastic stay at Aulani, we went on our honeymoon! All of the staff is so friendly and the food is fantastic! We were very pleased with the room, the wet bar was a very nice touch. Snorkeling, ear making, the luau, and fish feeding were all very fun activities. We especially enjoyed the character breakfasts between the experience, fantastic food, and fantastic service! Also recommend the coffee stands. The Enterprise car rental on-site was really clutch. Not a bad gym at all either. Our only recommendation would be adding lei making as an activity since they can’t be provided at check-in.

    Nov 24, 2022
  • 2.0 star tripadvisor rating
    No Privacy at Aulni

    I have learned the hard way about wellness checks . I guess this happens everywhere since Las Vegas. But was not told to us and still cant find out the rules cant read about this. They can come in your room anytime they want , Are 2nd day there we went to go get food. for dinner. We had been there all day going in and out, We left are 12 year son at 7:30 . I guess they decided to do a check . Knocked he answered they asked if parents there is said no . They came in and said they needed to empty the trash. NO REASON for a wellness check. But coming in a rook with a minor is so scary. for him and us. They should have called us and waited before going in. He said he had to empty the trash. But the worst part we went to the front desk and asked for a supervisor on why a man went into are room with are child, THe supervisor was terrible . We wanted to just make sure this was a worker and not a man that was a stranger and danger to us. She said we will have to get reports together and we don't allow kids unattended in the room.. She tried to blame us for a man walking in are room are fault cause he answered the door. All we wanted was to know if it was a worker they would not provide this, Well we had to call the police to make a report of this. Aulani was then able to tell us it was a worker . TERRIBLE FOR ALL OF US. Lock your doors all the time cause who knows you could be in the shower and come out a stranger could be in your room.... It was very terrible the way this was handled when we were scared.

    Nov 17, 2022