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Hotel overview

Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino is the centerpiece of the famed Las Vegas Strip, with 2,500 beautifully designed guest rooms and suites showcasing some of the best views in town, along with endless options of unparalleled shopping, distinguished dining, popular entertainment and a bustling nightlife. A bright, bold addition to the resort’s portfolio, the new Ultra Hip Rooms feature contemporary elegance and luxury bedding. Experience eclectic food options, shop till you drop at the Miracle Mile Shops, and be sure to cap off the night at one of the resort’s high-energy bars. 


Las Vegas - Strip
Las Vegas, NV, USA - Harry Reid International Arpt : 5 miles

Property information

Year Built: 2000
Last Renovation: 2017
Accessible rooms: 99
Floors: 40
Total rooms: 2498


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Hotel advisories

Advisory A minimum parking fee of $18 (Plus TAX) is from Monday to Thursday per room, per day, per vehicle and $23 (Plus TAX) is from Friday to Sunday per room, per day, per vehicle will be charged and collected by the hotel at check-in or check-out. The fee is subject to change without prior notice. The information published here is to give the client an estimate of additional fees they may be responsible for but not a guarantee of the final amount due.
Advisory A minimum mandatory hotel-imposed fee of at least $45.95 per night plus tax ($52.10 inclusive of tax) per room, will be charged and collected by the hotel at check-in or check-out. This fee is subject to change without prior notice. The information published here is to give the client an estimate of additional fees that they may be responsible for but is not a guarantee of the final amount due. For a detailed description of what is included in the mandatory fee, please see hotel policies.

General policies & fine print

Check In: 4:00 PM
Check Out: 11:00 AM
Minimum Check-In Age: 21
General Policies:

Check-in Policy - A valid credit card is required for incidentals deposit, to be authorized at check-in.  Deposit amount will vary based on length of stay and will be released if no charges are made to the room (timing of release varies). Suites may require additional deposits. Cash deposits will not be accepted.

Convention Policy - Individuals attending a convention cannot book this property for their stay. If found attending a convention, guests may be subject to higher room rates upon arrival.

General Information - Room taxes are included in vacation price. Early check-in fees and minimum night stay restrictions may apply. Reservation changes may not be permitted unless authorized by the hotel.

Resort Fee - For guests arriving from all origins, a mandatory hotel-imposed fee is charged and collected by the hotel either at check-in or check-out.

Mandatory hotel-imposed fee inclusions:

• In-room Wifi for two devices per day at the Premium Wifi speed of 20 mbps 

• Fitness center passes for two per day (for those properties with a fitness center)

• All local calls

The above list may not be comprehensive. Mandatory hotel-imposed fees may not include tax and are subject to change. The hotel can provide current fee and inclusions when you check-in.

Pet Policy Pets Allowed: PetStay program:
Dogs are the only animal allowed. Up to 2 dogs per room are allowed.
Dogs must weigh 50 pounds or less each, and be present at time of check-in.
Dogs are only allowed in specific rooms so it is imperative to book the PetStay Category.
Guests travelling with their dog(s) will be required to fill out a waiver accepting responsibility for any damage or cleaning charges that may occur while at the hotel.
Dogs are permitted to walk through designated common areas while on a leash and accompanied by the owner.
Early Departure Policy:
  • Early Departure Penalty: 1 Night Applies: Sunday - Saturday 01Jan15 - 31Dec50
No Show Policy:
  • No Show Penalty: 1 Night Applies: Sunday - Saturday 01Jan15 - 31Dec50

Ratings & reviews

TripAdvisor traveler rating

4.0 32259 reviews
  • 1.0 star tripadvisor rating

    I recently stayed at the Planet Holy Wood hotel, and I was extremely disappointed by the lack of cleanliness. The room was dirty, with mirrors that hadn't been cleaned and mold inside the cabinets. It was truly unpleasant. Additionally, the wait to check in was excessively long, which was super frustrating. Took me 2 hours. I should’ve went to a different hotel.

    Jun 04, 2023
  • 1.0 star tripadvisor rating
    Go somewhere else

    Anyone wandering into the resorts public areas gets free wifi but Planet Hollywood has decided that guests (who pay to stay) should be limited to a maximum of 2 devices per day. Just another way to try and get money out of families. How about you stop trying to rip off your guests

    Jun 03, 2023
  • 4.0 star tripadvisor rating
    Our bartender Dustin was the absolute best!!

    We didn't stay at Planet Hollywood but went over for gambling and drinks. We sat at the bar to play video poker and our bartender Dustin was awesome!! We had been over at the Cosmo playing video poker at the bar and bartending service between what we got at Cosmo and Planet Hollywood was worlds apart. Dustin talked with us, gave our newbie gambler some great pointers, made sure we were never out of drinks, laughed with us and just added so much more fun to our gaming at the bar. So if you are ever at Planet Hollywood at the bar, look for Dustin and try and sit where he is bartending because he will make your visit that much more fun!!

    Jun 03, 2023
  • 3.0 star tripadvisor rating
    Planet Hollywood Just Meh.....

    We stayed at Planet Hollywood for 5 days at the end of May and into June. We wanted a quick and reasonably priced getaway and although we were not specifically looking at Vegas it came up on a last minute travel site and appeared to be very reasonably priced, so we booked it. Check in was seamless, although we arrived very late at night, almost midnight so there were very few people checking in. Subsequently we observed very long check in lines earlier in the day and people complaining that it was taking over an hour to check in. There are automated kisosks to the left of the desk, they were always free so I would recommend that option. The rooms may have been great at one point however they were tired and had an off putting smell. The cleanliness of the room was just ok. The amenties in the bathroom were plentiful and generous and of good quality. The bathroom was very large and had a wonderfully deep soaker tub that was great at the end of a long day of walking the strip. We had a problem with the hot water tap not turning properly at the bathroom sink we called maintanance and they responded within a very few minues. They did fix the tap but in a day or two it was right back to the same issue. The beds were very comfortable, however the pillows were terrible, like they were stuffed with some composite foam pieces. If you are fussy about your pillow, definitely take your own, you will not be happy with the ones at the hotel. The best thing about Planet Hollywood is it's location, it is central on the strip and attached to the Miracle Mile Shopping Centre which has great inexpensive food options for dining. The Oasis Grill was by far the greatest value. Breakfast and Lunch all 5.99 and two people can enjoy a great dinner for undr 50.00. My biggest complaint about the trip was the obscenely expensive prices on everything! Be prepared to be exploited. Every day there will be a 52.10 resort fee added to your room rate, so really you have to add this amount to your daily room rate to get the real picture. If you want to sit by the pool it's going to cost you 30.00 USD per person per day for a lounger. If you order a frozen drink by the pool be prepared to pay 40.00 USD each. As a Canadian traveller this translates to over 50.00 per drink, outrageos. By the end of our stay we could have gone to an all inclusive in the DR or Cuba for less than what 5 days in Vegas cost. The highlight of our trip was the Grand Canyon excusion, it's a long day on a bus, almost 10 hours but the few hours you have at the Grand Canyon are worth every second. Checking out was a problem, on the day of checkout I had called in the morning to arrange for a late check out as our flight did not leave until very late in the evening. Naturally there was a charge for that privillege so I paid an additional 45.00 to extend our check out until 3. pm. We spend the morning by the pool and went back to our room at 2 pm to pack and check out. Our room keys had been deactivated and we couldn't get into our room. Back in the lobby there was an enourmous line up to access anyone at the front desk so it took us over 30 minutes to find someone to help us reactivate our keys and gain access to our room. Not happy. Be prepared to see a lot of homeless folks with mental health issues. You'd thing with the tax base in Vegas they would have great services available for these people, and perhaps they do, but don't be surprised to see a number of people picking through garbage cans looking for food. We gambled, and lost. Didn't see anyone winning at any of the casino's we vistied. I have better luck at my local casino here in Canada. At the end of the day it wasn't the worst vacation we ever had but certainly not in the top 10. I left feeling exploited and having spent much more money than I had originally budgeted. I don't think I'll be in a hurry to go back to Las Vegas anytime soon.

    Jun 03, 2023
  • 1.0 star tripadvisor rating
    If your room is burglarized, not only will they do nothing to help, they’ll blame you…

    So I've never left a negative review on Trip Advisor (I travel frequently and have only ever submitted positive reviews) but I wanted to get this message out to hopefully help others avoid the same thing happening to them. And just for context, I'm a Diamond Plus member with Caesar's Rewards club (which Planet Hollywood is a part of) and I go to Vegas about 3-4 times a year and always stay at Planet Hollywood. What I learned (the hard way) on my latest visit is that the hotel doors at Planet Hollywood aren't designed to lock if you ‘manually’ close them...they will only automatically lock if you let them shut on their own momentum (ie using the door's hydraulic system). On Tues May 30th, I came into my room at ~1:45am. My friend was already in the room asleep so I tried to softly close the door "manually" (i.e. I didn't let it just slam shut using it's own momentum… I manually turned the lever and closed it quietly). Well, apparently if you close it manually, unless you also physically *push* the door until you hear it 'click', it's not actually locked (it will *look* fully closed/locked, but it is NOT). The next morning we woke up at 9am and my purse, which I had set on the dresser and which had $3200 in cash and $500 in casino vouchers... (don't judge, it's Vegas and I go to gamble), was GONE (?!). I couldn't fathom someone entering our room while we were sleeping but there was no other explanation (I was stone cold sober the night before and my room key was in my purse so I know I had to have it to get into the room). I reported it to security and asked them if they could check the hallway security footage (nope, apparently they don't have cameras in the hallways... umm really?) So after repeatedly asking ‘there’s really nothing you can do?!’, the security agent finally told me they do have a little machine they could connect to the door card reader which will tell them each time our door was opened or closed throughout the night. So he connected it to our door and the machine showed when I used the key to enter at 1:45am and even though I closed the door behind me, it showed that it didn't fully 'click' locked. The next reading was at 4:15am where someone pushed open our door, entered our room, stole my purse, and when they left, the door closed (and locked) behind them. The security agent demonstrated closing the door ‘manually’ (vs. letting it slam shut with the hydraulic system), and even though it looked fully shut, it *wasn’t*… he easily just pulled it back open without even having to turn the handle. So then he did it again and this time after closing it, he lightly pushed on the door (literally *barely* pushed it) and we heard it 'click' locked. So bottom line, if you’re trying to close the door by shutting it manually (vs. letting it slam shut using it’s own momentum) you must ALSO lightly push the door until you hear it ‘click’… otherwise it is NOT locked and can be pushed open from the outside at any time. (and if you're in for the night, also flip the metal bar at the top too. I’ve never really used that bar but you can be certain I will from now on). I asked the hotel security agent how someone would even know it wasn't fully locked (because the door was totally flush with the frame, there's no way to tell it's wasn't ‘locked’) and he said they wouldn’t know... the burglars are called 'Door Pushers' (yes, it's so common, they have a name for them) and basically they will just walk up and down the hallways with their arms out and just push on all the doors on either side of the hallway until they get lucky. Apparently it's a known issue with the doors not always fully ‘locking’ (and the hotel staff and burglars know about it). And it happens often because late at night, people may not want their doors slamming shut (ie. they have kids and don’t want to wake them. Or as in my case, a sick friend who went to bed early) so they’ll ‘manually’ close the door to avoid the noise of it slamming shut (not realizing it doesn’t actually ‘lock’ when you do that). After I finally calmed down (yes, I freaked out realizing someone walked into our room while we were sleeping 2 feet way), I thought 'well, at least they can check the elevator cameras to see who got on or off the elevator around that time... should be easy to narrow down since it was 4:15am on a Tues', right? Nope, they will only provide the video if the police subpoena it (side note, I had to go to two different police stations to even give my report because they are so backed up... I highly doubt they'll ever get around to subpoenaing anything). So, ok, how about the fact that I had the $500 in Planet Hollywood casino vouchers (which can only be redeemed in that casino and are specifically tied to my players card)... surely they could check to see if and when those were/are cashed (and capture the person on camera since they have a million cameras in the casino), right? Nope, the hotel security said they can't track those tickets either (umm, really?). So with all their state of the art security cameras, facial recognition software and knowing the *exact* time, date and floor number of the burglary, they can't do *a single thing* to try and find out who did it? You guess it… nope. Needless to say, we left a day early. For the record, the security agent was so nice and empathetic... I was super upset and anxious and he was very comforting and just doing the best he could. Fast forward to today, THREE days after the burglary (and nightmares every night since), I get my first call from a Planet Hollywood representative. I saw a Vegas area code on the caller ID and thought 'oh, maybe they found my pursed dumped in a stairwell' or 'maybe they are calling to give me an update on their investigation'. Nope, the guy called to basically explain to me what happened with the door not fully locking (um, I know what happened, I was there, even re-enacted it twice, lol) and stated that it was my fault for 'leaving the door open' (really?), therefore they are not liable or responsible in any way so that ‘concludes their investigation and have a nice day’… WOW. Prior to that call, I probably wouldn't even be writing this review and would have juts let it go. Well, not so much now. The irony is that if someone stole $3k+ in cash or chips from the casino, they would use all their state of the art cameras, facial recognition, tracking, motion sensors, etc. and have that person identified and in cuffs within hours, if not minutes. But if it's one of their guests who's room was burglarized? Sorry, not only will they do nothing to investigate, they'll call you three days later to make it clear that it's your fault it happened. Stunning response Planet Hollywood.. bravo.

    Jun 02, 2023