Questions We Hear the Most

How do I use my Rapid Rewards points to book a package?
The Rapid Rewards Program is managed by Southwest Airlines. Although you will earn points by purchasing a vacation package, you are not able to use your points towards the purchase price. Rewards Points can only be redeemed directly with Southwest Airlines. Please visit for details or call 800-435-9792.

I forgot to add my Rapid Reward number on my past vacation. How do I receive points on a past vacation?
You can request credit for past travel for up to 12 months after your flight. To request Rapid Reward credit for a past Domestic vacation, log into your Rapid Rewards account on and choose the Add Past Flight Points option. You must provide your airline confirmation from your original reservation. After verification of your flight information (approximately three to five days), points will be deposited into your account. To request Rapid Reward credit for a past International vacation, send an email to You must provide the original reservation number, as well as the names and Rapid Reward number for all passengers on the reservation (as applicable). After verification of your flight information (approximately seven to ten days), points will be deposited into your account.

How do I use my Southwest air credit or LUV Voucher to book a package?
Air credits and LUV Vouchers are only redeemable directly via Southwest Airlines and apply toward an air purchase only. To redeem your Southwest Airlines air credit or LUV Voucher, please visit or call 800.435.9792.

What if I need to cancel my vacation package?
You may cancel your vacation online or by calling our Customer Care Center. To cancel online, access your booked reservation by visiting the Retrieve Reservation page, located in our Customer Care section. Follow the instructions to cancel your reservation. If cancelling a reservation your right to a refund is limited, so be sure to read our Terms and Conditions for information on our cancellation policies. You must submit a refund request form after you cancel your reservation for refund consideration. Customers who cancel online will have access to an online refund request form upon cancellation confirmation. You may also e-mail your refund request to or fax it to: REFUNDS, 414-934-1239. For further assistance with cancelling a reservation, call our Customer Care center at 1- 800-243-8372 during our regular operating hours.

How do I make changes to my vacation package reservation?
To make changes to your reservation, please call our Customer Care center at 1-800-243-8372 during our regular operating hours. Please note that changes cannot be made less than one day prior to departure. Changes made more than one day prior to your departure date will be subject to the current price, and any applicable hotel or other supplier charges. Read our Terms and Conditions for information on our revision policies.

Where do I find a promo code for a vacation package?
You’re a click away from our current Promotion Codes located in our Customer Care section, under General Information.

How to purchase Early Bird check in on vacation package?
Early Bird Check-In can be purchased on up to 36 hours prior to your scheduled local departure flight time for $12.50 per person each way (fee is subject to change at any time). You will need your airline confirmation number located on your Itinerary and E-Travel documents in the Flight Details section.

How do I find my hotel Special Service Request and/or Confirmation number?
Special Service requests and confirmation numbers are located in the Hotel Details section of your E-Travel Documents. If the information is not displayed, please call Southwest Airlines Vacations Customer Care Center at 800-243-8372 during our regular operating hours for assistance.

How do I check on my flight status?
Check Flight Status online at or by calling Southwest Airlines at 800-435 -9792.

How do I book a flight only?
To book flights only, please visit or call Southwest Airlines at 800-435- 9792 for assistance.

How do I book a one way flight?
Southwest Airlines Vacations offers Roundtrip airfare on our air inclusive packages. One way flights are only available for purchase through Southwest Airlines. Please visit please visit call Southwest Airlines at 800-435-9792 for assistance.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find the lowest vacation price?
Check out our great specials available in the Deals section, or visit the Promotion codes page to view our current promotion codes. Vacation during non-peak vacation times if you are flexible; avoid major holidays if possible. Compare midweek (Monday - Wednesday) and weekend (Thursday - Sunday) departure prices. Midweek travel tends to be less expensive.

How do I book more than one room for a vacation?
You may book up to four (4) rooms and up to eight (8) travelers per reservation. Select the Multiple Rooms link on the Book a Vacation Package search tool. You will arrive at the Build Your Vacation Package page. Select the number of desired rooms from the drop down menu. For each room specify the number of adults and children that will be occupying that room, as well as the age of each child.

Why do I have to supply children's ages?
We require children's ages to correctly calculate the price for your reservation. Children of different ages may cost different amounts or may be eligible for discount amounts. We use a child's age to accurately classify and apply the appropriate air and hotel rules and prices.

How do I book an infant?
According to airline regulations, an "infant" is a child that is under two years of age for both the outbound and return flights. Infants do not require an airline seat and can sit on the lap of an adult traveler while flying ("lap child").

If your infant does not require a separate air seat, you do not need to reserve a seat for them. When you arrive at the airport, please see one of the airline agents to receive a boarding pass for the infant (”lap child”). Please be ready to provide proof of your child's age to the airport. Please note that for international travel, while the seat is at no cost, you will be required to pay taxes for the infant.

If you wish to reserve a separate air seat for your infant, please enter the age of the infant as 1 and make sure you bring proof of your child's age to the airport.

Do you accommodate physically challenged travelers?
Each hotel description outlines the number of available handicap rooms at that hotel or resort. Click on the name of a hotel at any point in the booking system to review the hotel description for that property. If you need to request special arrangements for a physically challenged traveler, please contact our Customer Care Center (1-800-243-8372) during our regular operating hours.

How do I make a special room request?
Special room requests can be made on the checkout page at step 3 of 3, prior to submitting payment. Requests are subject to supplier availability and are not guaranteed. Additional fees may apply at the time of service. To make a special room request after you have completed your booking, please contact the Southwest Airlines Vacations Customer Care Center (1-800-243-8372).

The hotel I want is not listed on the hotel selection screen. Why?
The preferred hotel may not be available for the travel dates you specified or we may not offer your preferred hotel. If you feel strongly about a particular hotel, try searching for new travel dates. If the hotel is sold out for even one of the travel dates, it does not appear in the list.

Can I change the sort order for flights, hotels, and cars?
You may use the "Sort by" drop down menu at the top of your screen to change the sort option for Hotels, Flights, Rental Cars and Ad-Ons.

How do I know what the vacation price includes?
When you search for a vacation package, the availability price includes the combined price of the components selected (flight, hotel, rental care and/or add-ons) and all applicable air and hotel taxes and fees. You can use the Taxes & Services link to review a description of taxes and fees included and excluded from your vacation price. Rental Car prices do not include local state taxes, which are paid upon arrival at the car rental location at the airport in the destination. Car prices do not include extra day charges. Extra day charges may apply if your return flight is one hour (or more) later then the scheduled drop-off time for your rental car.

What taxes and fees do I have to pay?
Taxes and fees can include airport facility charges, federal taxes, state taxes, and government fees. The complete vacation package determines the necessary fees and surcharges. Our packages include these fees in the price that appears on the selection screens. You can use the Taxes & Services link throughout the booking process to review a description of included and excluded taxes and fees.

How important are the Terms & Conditions?
They're very important! If you purchase a vacation online, you are subject to our Terms and Conditions, which outline Southwest Airlines Vacations' policies and procedures. We encourage you to read through them carefully. By confirming your reservation, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to our Terms and Conditions.

Do you offer travel protection options?
We offer the Southwest Vacations' Travel Protection option to provide you peace of mind in knowing your vacation investment is covered from the moment you book and up to your return home.

When I checked the vacation price yesterday it was lower than it is today. Why?
When you price Southwest Airlines Vacations packages, you view live inventory. Because prices are based on many factors, including availability of rooms/room types, flights and demand for the packages, prices can fluctuate, even within minutes. As it is not uncommon for prices to fluctuate, Southwest Airlines Vacations suggests that you check out different flights or alternate dates for a lower fare that may still be available. The only way to secure a vacation price is to pay for it in full.

What is The Lowest Price Promise?
The Lowest Price Promise is our way of protecting your vacation price, in the unlikely event you find a lower price on after booking your package.

How do I know my online payment transaction is secure?
All Southwest Airlines Vacations payments are processed through a secure server. You know the server is secure by the "s" after "http" in the address line and the little closed lock that appears at the bottom right of the Internet Explorer window.

Why must I supply the billing address of my credit card in order to book online?
In an effort to prevent credit card fraud, we require the billing address for the owner of the credit card and will verify the information with the credit card company during the authorization process.

Can I use more than one credit card to apply payment?
Yes. You can use up to four (4) credit cards to apply payment. The name and billing address for each credit card must match the information that is stored with the credit card company.

I received a message saying my address cannot be verified. Why?
Our system can only recognize your address if you enter it exactly as it appears on your credit card billing statement. Please refer to your credit card billing statement, and try entering your address again. If you continue to receive the "cannot verify address" message, contact the Customer Care Center (1-800-243-8372) for assistance.

What happens when the web site rejects a credit card?
The web site rejects a credit card if you enter the wrong information, the credit card is invalid, or the credit card exceeds its limit. If one of these situations occurs, you immediately receive an error message. Please contact the Southwest Airlines Vacations Customer Care Center (1-800-243-8372) for assistance.

Can I use a Southwest Vacations Travel Credit to pay for a reservation I booked online?
Southwest Airlines Vacations Travel Credits can be used as payment towards a vacation package booking. Southwest Airlines Vacations Travel Credits consist of eight (8) alpha- numeric characters and will end with the digits 04 or with the letters SA. Please note that Southwest Airlines Travel Credits, which consist of six (6) alpha-numeric characters, cannot be applied towards a vacation package.

To apply a Southwest Airlines Vacations Travel Credit, first book your vacation package online and pay in full with your credit card. Then, mail your Southwest Airlines Vacations Travel Credit and your new reservation number to the Southwest Airlines Vacations Accounting team. After Southwest Airlines Vacations receives your Travel Credit, the Accounting team will refund the value of the Travel Credit to your credit card. Send your travel credit information to:

Southwest Airlines Vacations Attn: Refund Accounting 8969 N. Port Washington Rd. Milwaukee, WI 53217

How do I know my reservation is confirmed?
Your reservation is confirmed if a confirmation number appears at the top of the Reservation Confirmation screen, after you click Complete Booking. It may take several minutes for the Reservation Confirmation screen to appear. While processing, do not stop the transaction or hit the back button as that may result in multiple charges on your credit card. After you confirm the reservation, you will automatically receive an e-mail confirmation.

I was in the middle of confirming a reservation when my computer froze. What should I do now?
Even if the Reservation Confirmation screen did not appear before you were disconnected, our system may have already completed your reservation. Please contact our Customer Care Center (1-800-243-8372) to verify whether the reservation transaction was completed.

Can I e-mail myself or others my vacation itinerary before I confirm?
Sure. Click E-mail at the bottom of the Review Package Details page during the booking process to e-mail yourself or others an itinerary quote before you confirm the reservation. This e-mail includes the itinerary details for the vacation package you created. Remember that this is not a confirmation; the inventory and price are not confirmed until booked and paid for, and are subject to change at any time.

How can I get a copy of my reservation confirmation or itinerary?
When you confirm an online reservation, we automatically send you an e-mail confirmation to the e-mail address you entered during the checkout process. If you did not receive that email, or if you require another copy of your itinerary, you may retrieve your reservation online by logging into your account. Alternatively, contact our Customer Care Center (1-800 -243-8372) or at and provide your reservation number.

When will I receive my travel documents and what is included with them?
E-Travel Documents will be sent electronically to the e-mail address provided for the first traveler on the record within 48 hours of completing your vacation package purchase. Your E-Travel Documents will include your airline and hotel confirmation numbers and your itinerary. If you purchased add-on options that require a voucher, those will also be included on your E-Travel Documents and can be printed and presented to each applicable supplier.

What documents must I bring with me on the day of travel?
Passengers 18 years of age or older must have valid, government-issued photo identification. If you are traveling with children under two years of age who will sit on your lap, be sure to bring proof of age for that child. Additionally, we recommend that you bring a copy of your E-Travel Documents and carry them with you for the duration of your vacation. For international travel, a passport is required for all passengers.

Can I check in online for the flight portion of my vacation package?
For Domestic vacation packages, you may check in online at or on a mobile device beginning 24 hours in advance of departure. If you wish to use the EarlyBird Check-In option, you may purchase it through Southwest Airlines directly by visiting

For International packages, Online check in is not available at this time. To check in for your flight, please go to the Airport Ticket Counter. It is recommended that you arrive at the airport a minimum of 2 hours prior to your scheduled departure time.

What are Southwest Airlines' policies for baggage?
Checked Baggage: Southwest Airlines allows 2 FREE checked bags per person (size and weight restrictions apply). For important details concerning checked baggage, visit Checked Baggage Information. Carryon Baggage: For important details concerning carryon baggage, visit Carryon Baggage Information. Packing Tips: For helpful tips on packing, visit Packing Tips.

When does Southwest Airlines suggest that I arrive at the airport?
For Domestic travel, please plan on arriving at the airport at least 90 minutes prior to departure.
For International travel, please plan on arriving at the airport at least 2 hours prior to departure.
Please note: Passengers who do not obtain a boarding pass and are not present and available for boarding in the departure gate area at least ten (10) minutes prior to scheduled departure time may have their reserved space cancelled and will not be eligible for denied boarding compensation. Additionally, if a flight is not used and not canceled by the Customer at least ten (10) minutes prior to scheduled departure, all funds on the unused portion of the reservation will be lost, and the remaining itinerary will be canceled by Southwest/AirTran.

What are Southwest Airlines' policies for boarding?
Check in online beginning 24 hours in advance of departure to reserve your boarding position. You will be issued a Boarding Pass which will indicate your boarding group and number (i.e. A35). You may print your boarding pass at home, print it at any Southwest Airlines kiosk at the airport or visit the Ticket Counter to have you boarding pass printed. Either way, your boarding group and number are reserved and will not change.
At the airport, visit the Ticket Counter or Skycap Podium (where available) to check your luggage. If you are not checking luggage, you may proceed directly to your designated departure gate.
Prior to general boarding, unaccompanied children between the ages of five and 11 and Customers with disabilities who have a specific seating need to accommodate their disability and/or need assistance in boarding the aircraft may preboard. Customers who choose to preboard cannot sit in an emergency exit seat.
An adult traveling with a child four years old or younger will board between the "A" and "B" boarding groups. If you have an "A" boarding pass, please feel free to board with that boarding group. With an all-jet fleet outfitted with comfortable, leather seats, our families with small children are easily accommodated together. Because Southwest Airlines maintains an open-seating policy, general-boarding Customers may sit in any open or unclaimed seat. Customers holding boarding pass "A" will begin general boarding, followed by Customers with boarding pass "B," and then "C." However, please note that, per Federal law, children under 15 years of age may not occupy seats in emergency exit rows.

Do I have an assigned seat on my flights?
Southwest Airlines does not have assigned seats, so you can choose your seat when you board the plane. You will be assigned a boarding position based on your check in time. The earlier you check in, within 24 hours of your flight, the earlier you get to board. AirTran has assigned seating. Vacation packages booked to a Domestic destination may reserve seat assignments in advance of travel. Refer to your E-travel Documents for details on how to reserve a seat in advance of travel. Vacation packages booked to an International destination do not offer advance seat assignments at this time. You will be assigned a seat at time of check-in at the airport.

Do you offer assistance for physically challenged Customers at the airport?
Upon arrival at the airport, please inform a Southwest Airlines Agent or Skycap at your first point of contact, either at the Skycap podium or ticket counter, if you need an airport wheelchair and/or assistance within the airport.

What is Southwest Airlines' policy for animals and pets?
For details concerning Southwest Airline's P.A.W.S (Pets Are Welcome on Southwest) program, visit Pets In-Cabin.

Who can I contact if I had a problem on my vacation?
Please submit, in writing, a detailed description of your problem and send it to our Customer Services Department. You may submit your communication by email to, fax to 414-351-2381 or mail to Southwest Airlines Vacations, Attention: Customer Service, 8969 N. Port Washington Rd., Milwaukee, WI 53217.

How do I report errors?
The fastest way to report an error or a problem is to e-mail Alternatively, you may contact our Customer Care Center (1-800-243-8372). When reporting an error, include the error message you received and the reservation information.

Hmmm, my question was not addressed in any of the above?
Not a problem, we are here to help from beginning to end. If you have further questions or require assistance, please contact our Customer Care Center at 1-800-243-8372 during our operating hours and one of our specialists will be happy to assist you. You can also e-mail us at and we will respond within 48 hours.