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You are free to check in online.

Check in online

Check in online and print your boarding pass beginning 24 hours in advance of departure. You will need your airline confirmation number (or PNR) and first and last name to retrieve your reservation.

What to expect at the airport and while boarding the plane. Want better seat selection and early access to overhead bins? Get Early Bird Check-In.

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Identification and security requirements

Only ticketed customers are allowed beyond the security checkpoint
Unticketed customers who have a specific need (escorting/meeting unaccompanied children; assisting customers with disabilities; etc.) will be allowed beyond the security checkpoint provided they have obtained proper approval from Southwest Airlines ticket counter personnel.

All customers are subject to physical search at the security checkpoint
Random physical searches of customers, either through use of "wands" or "pat down" methods at the security checkpoint, will be ongoing.

Knives or sharp objects of any type are not allowed beyond security checkpoint
Knives of any/all types and sizes are strictly prohibited beyond the security checkpoint. If you must travel with special paraphernalia (ie needles, EpiPens, etc) carry a legible doctor's note explaining your medical condition.

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