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Boarding process

Boarding process for first time flyers.

    1. Check In at

  • Boarding pass illustration
  • Beginning 24 hours prior to departure, you can check in online and print a boarding pass*. The letter and number on your boarding pass represent a place in your boarding group (see cool drawing at left.)

    * For eligible reservations only. You also may check in at an E-Ticket Check-In Kiosk (where available). The Skycap Podium (in select locations), Ticket Counter, Departure Gate, or on your mobile device.

    2. Head to the Airport and Get to Your Gate

  • You know how to do this part blindfolded.
    WARNING: Do not attempt to drive blindfolded!

    Since you’ve already checked in, the letter and number on your boarding pass are saving you a spot in your boarding group.

    3. You are Free to Relax and Enjoy Your Time

  • Since your place in the boarding group is already saved, you don’t have to spend your time at the gate standing in line. Relax. Get some work done. Sip a cup of coffee. Make a pit stop.

    Don’t take a nap. You might miss your flight!

    4. Board the Plane When Your Group is Called

  • TV monitors near the jetbridge entrance will display the current boarding group (A, B, or C). Look for the column that identifies your position within your lettered group and await the boarding announcement.

    Listen for one of our friendly gate agents to announce your group. When your group is called, simply take a position next to the column that represents your boarding number and proceed onto the airplane.

  • Illustration of boarding columns

    5. Choose Your Favorite Seat and Enjoy a Little LUV!

  • Settle into one of Southwest’s comfortable, all-leather seats and enjoy your flight with a healthy dose of Southwest hospitality. We like to call it a little “LUV”.

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