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Inflight services and rules

Food and beverage

Southwest Airlines serves complimentary coffee, juices, and cold drinks on all flights.

If your total flight itinerary includes a series of flights that each are less than two hours in duration, you will be served peanuts/pretzels on each flight segment. If your flight itinerary includes any nonstop flight longer than two hours, you will be served a packaged snack on that flight segment. Southwest Airlines does not serve sandwiches or meals, however, you may bring something to eat onboard. So pack a meal or stop by a concession stand in the airport and bring it onboard!

WiFi & mobile devices

You may get online for a special introductory rate of $5!*
*Priced per device for one-way travel only on WiFi-enabled aircraft. To find out if your plane has WiFi, look for the "Southwest Airlines Hotspot" signs or ask your flight attendant.

As soon as the flight attendant says it is safe to turn on approved electronic devices, you are free to connect. The flight attendant will also announce when it is time to turn off and stow your device before landing. The network will be unavailable at that time.

All you need is a WiFi enabled device (802.11a/b/or g) with an internet browser. Please note that cellular devices without a WiFi component will not work with this system, and their use is restricted to game or airplane mode per current regulations.

Cell phone use rules

Southwest Airlines customers with cell phones onboard are allowed to begin using them after the flight attendant gives permission to do so upon landing at the destination and taxi to the airport gate.

Customers do not need to wait to use cell phones until an arriving aircraft is parked at the gate and the door is opened. Customers are now able to use their cell phones upon arrival in a city while the aircraft is taxiing to the arrival gate. Southwest Airlines flight attendants onboard will make announcements to inform customers when they can begin using a cell phone or pager.

Southwest conducted the required Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) testing to ensure that cell phones did not interfere with ground navigation equipment during taxi. Its test results showed no avionics or ground test anomalies.

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